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Solubility System: 1-Pentanol with Hexane (n-hexane) and water Components: (1) Water; H2O; <7732-18-5>gaianation.net Chemistry WebBook for detail(2) 1-Pentanol (pentyl alcohol, amyl alcohol, n-amyl alcohol); C5H12O; <71-41-0>gaianation.net Chemistry WebBook because that detail(3) Hexane (n-hexane); C6H14; <110-54-3>gaianation.net Chemistry WebBook for information Evaluator: A. Skrzecz, institute of physical Chemistry, polish Academy that Sciences, Warsaw, Poland (1995.09) vital Evaluation: A survey of reported compositions along the saturation curve (sat), and also compositions of coexisting phases in equilibrium (eq.) because that the system 1-pentanol-hexane-water is offered in Table 83.

Saturation curve The ternary device 1-pentanol-hexane-water creates a miscibility gap of type 2. The mechanism 1-pentanol-hexane is miscible. 2 binary solution hexane-water and 1-pentanol-water, type miscibility gaps. Data because that these binary solution were compiled and critically evaluated in formerly published SDS volumes, Refs. 3 and 4, respectively. The recommended values of mutual solubility in ~ 293K are: for hexane-water system x"2=2.5·10–6 and x"2=0.99947,3 and for 1-pentanol-water system x"1=0.679 and x"1=0.00481.4 Solubility that water in hexane reported by Charykov et al.,1 (x"2=0.9996) is slightly smaller than the recommended value, Ref. 3 when the solubility the water in 1-pentanol (x"1=0.67), is in qualitiative covenant with Ref. 4. Similarly, the solubility the water in 1-pentanol in ~ 298K reported by Gorovits et al.,2 (x"1=0.0666), different a little from the recommended in Ref. 4 (x"1=0.674). The distinctions are within speculative error. Equilibrium data that Gorovits et al.2 were taken right into account during discussion of the binodal curve in ~ temperature range 298.2-338.2K and are self-consistent mirroring slightly enhancing solubility through temperature. Solubility data that Charykov et al.1 in ~ 293.2K present a slightly higher solubility in ~ high hexane concentrations than data that Ref.2, measured at even greater temperatures. However, these distinctions are within the likely speculative errors. One experimental saturation suggest reported in Ref.1,(x1=0.73, x2=0.016) appears to it is in in error. Both data sets room treated together tentative.Phases in equilibriumCompositions that coexisting phases in equilibrium because that the ternary system 1-pentanol-hexane-water were reported by Gorovits et al.2 at three temperatures 298.2, 318.2, 338.2K as well as at isobaric problems at the pressure 16.13 kPa. All tie lines constructed on the communication of experimental points are continuous with one another. The presumption made in Ref.2, that the concentration of hexane in the water-rich phase is negligible may be acceptable because of the really low hexane concentrations and accuracy of analytical method. The equilibrium data room treated together tentative. As an instance of the device behavior, the speculative data at 298.2K, Ref.2 space presented in Fig. 45 .Experimental Data:(Notes ~ above the Nomenclature) TABLE 83. Review of speculative data for the mechanism 1-pentanol-hexane-waterAuthorT/KDataTypeReference
Charykov et al., 1978293sat. (7)1
Gorovits et al., 1986298-338eq. (39)2
View number 1 for this testimonial Notes:Table 83Number of experimental points in parentheses. References: (Click a attach to view its speculative data associated with the reference) 1Charykov, A.K.; Tikhomirov, V.I.; Potapova, T.M., Zh. Obshch. Khim. 1978, 48, 1916-21.2Gorovits, B.I.; Markuzin, N.P.; Lesteva, T.M.,Vestn. Leningr. Univ., Ser. 4: Fiz Khim. 4, 100 (1986).3Shaw, D.G., ed., Solubility Data Series, Vol. 37, Hydrocarbons with Water and Seawater, part I: Hydrocarbons C5 to C7 (Pergamon, new York, 1989).4Barton, A.F. M., ed., Solubility Data Series, Vol. 15, Alcohols with Water (Pergamon, new York 1984).

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