Eminem is widely described as a laboratory God and lyrical genius. He is arguably one of the best rappers/freestylers in background and verified to be an ext than a white rapper using shock value to knife success through The Eminem Show. He verified the civilization his talent and what that is qualified of as an artist. Although his career got him respect, recognition, fame, and wealth, things weren’t constantly easy because that the aspiring rapper.

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Eminem didn’t precisely have perfect childhood. Farming up v a drug addict because that a mommy in a danger neighborhood, Eminem never felt safe at home and spent his time rap battling on the streets. The turned his pain into incredible lyrics, which brought about wealth and also success. Talk around a “rags to riches” story! 8 Mile is a movie loosely based upon the Eminem’s life, depicting what it’s prefer to it is in an aspiring artist ~ above the roads of Detroit.

We’ve got some behind-the-scenes facts around the laboratory movie and its accuracy in relationship to Marshall Mather’s actual life.

A technique Actor

The desire white rapper has actually been a recognizable face since he first stepped ~ above the music scene, but when 8 Mile came out, fans acquired to watch him top top the big screen because that the very first time. Although the looked similar to the Eminem us all know and love, that went with an extreme change for the movie.


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He needed a movie makeover that compelled physical transforms in order come play the down-and-out Detroit aboriginal living in a trailer park. In ~ the time, Eminem was rocking his signature bleach blond hair, yet he to be asked come dye it back to brown because that the movie.

Quentin Tarantino practically Directed

Two of the many renowned filmmakers in Hollywood background wanted to straight Eminem’s motion picture – Danny Boyle and Quentin Tarantino – and both of lock were incredibly close to obtaining the gig. Boyle even met with Eminem and also producers but came to the conclusion the Boyle wouldn’t have the ability to direct the movie the means he want due to an imaginative differences.


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Quentin Tarantino wasn’t as close as Boyle, but rumor has actually it that Tarantino was very interested in functioning on the film. The only problem was that acquisition on the film would average that Tarantino would have had to earlier out the making kill Bill, which wasn’t really an option.

It Doesn’t have actually the same Ring to It

It’s not a substantial surprise that 8 Mile has end up being a cult-classic film. I mean, Eminem is one of the top-selling artists in music history, and also the movie came out in ~ the height of his popularity. He common details that his life v his lyrics, yet fans to be excited to check out it on screen.

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What is surprising is how easily it picked up together a loyal pan base due to the fact that when the was an initial sent the end to theaters, the film to be under the name “The Mars Project” in order to keep the task a an enig before it was released. Plus, the title to be undecided till it was virtually completed and was functioned under the name “Untitled Detroit Project.” They made the right an option going through 8 Mile. The Mars task isn’t together catchy.