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W = Windsor, Ontario engine plant and is the 302/5.0 liter, 351/5.4 liter small blocks. C = Cleveland, Ohio engine plant and is the 351 tiny block. (Don"t know if a 400C exists). M = amendment 351 and 400 for trucks, yet thought about a tiny block
they room 3 different engines.different stroke, various pistions, various heads.windsor is the much better truck engine - lower torkcleavland is a better high rpm racing enginethe modified is far better car engine
The real estate for the time chain/gears ~ above the 351C is actors into the block where as the 351W has a removeable real estate much favor the 302, IIRC. 351M and also C valve covers space the same. 351W valve consist of share through 302s. Who much more educated can tell friend the difference in between the M and also Cs together I don"t have actually a clue.

W = Windsor, Ontario engine plant and also is the 302/5.0 liter, 351/5.4 liter tiny blocks351 is a 5.8L not 5.4
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:withstupid: A 351 Windsor is the 5.8 (351) engine that is found in all Ford trucks from around 1983-1997. The was uncovered in miscellaneous Ford cars from 1969-1991, also (in latter years, the only production car Ford ever put that in were Police concern Crown Victorias). It, basically, is a tall-deck version of the 221/260/289/302, and slightly wider, as well. Those engines have an 8.2" deck height. The 351 Windsor, from "69-"71, had actually a 9.2" deck height. From "72-"97, the blocks had actually a 9.5" deck height. They usage in-line valve cylinder heads...the 221/260/289/302 offers 7/16" cylinder head bolts, the 351W used 1/2" cylinder head bolts. A 351W has actually a 4.000" bore, 3.500" stroke, and also the crankshaft has 3.000" main bearing journals. These huge of key bearing journals are an excellent for van engines, however have proven come be rather problematic for high rpm power applications, due to the fact that with oiling system the 351W incorporates, also with a high volume pump, it"s difficult to get sufficient oil come that huge of surface ar area in ~ high rpm. I"m talking continual rpms in the 6200+ range. Most people, when looking under the hood that a truck/car, would have a tough time informing a 351W except a 221/260/289/302...they"re around identical, various other than the fact that the 351W is a tiny taller and also wider. The most basic thing to look in ~ is the width (in regards to distance in between cylinder heads) that the intake manifold to number out if the engine is a 351W or not. A 351W entry is around an customs to an inch and also a half wider.The 351C (Cleveland) and also 351M/400 (most frequently referred to together "Modified") room very similar engines...they are the engines that consist of the "335" collection of Ford engines. Basically, the 351M/400 is a tall-deck version of a 351C. A 351C is considered by many Ford enthusiasm as a "smallblock" because it share the exact same bellhousing together the Windsor household of engines (221/260/289/302/351W). A 351C uses splayed valve top (similar to a 370/429/460 Ford or a bigblock Chevrolet) and various 351Cs can be discovered with 2V ("2 barrel") open up chamber heads, 2V closed chamber heads, or (pretty rare) 4V closed chamber heads. A 351C has actually a 4.000" bore, 3.500" stroke, and also 2.750" main bearings. The Cleveland, year ago, offered to be the an ext common smallblock Ford engine discovered in Ford race cars at the dragstrip due to the fact that it often tended to be better suited to turn much more rpm safe (due to a better oiling system and the smaller sized 2.750" key bearings) and the stock 351C crankshafts to be of a harder material than the actors iron Windsor the 351C cylinder heads, year ago, were far and also above much better suited to power applications than any production Windsor head. The popular of the 5.0 Mustang, though, has negated that...the last twenty years has seen much more development of the Windsor Ford household of engine (via aftermarket parts) 보다 probably any kind of production ever, in such a short period of time, smallblock Chevrolet included. The 351C to be only discovered in cars (if girlfriend don"t take into consideration the Ranchero a "truck" was based upon the Torino in the "70s). The 351M/400 supplies the same cylinder heads as a 351C...however just the 2V open up chamber heads, if my memory serves me correctly. The median individual would have actually a difficult time informing the difference between a 351C and a 351M/400 under the hood of a automobile or truck, for the same reasons I mentioned about a 221/260/289/302 and also a 351W. Technically, the 400 was never ever designated as a "400M", though you"ll watch folks reference it together a 400M native time to time. The 351M and also 400 re-publishing the same block. They use a 4.000" bore and a 3.000" key bearing. However, the 351M uses a 3.500" punch whereas the 400 offers a 4.000" stroke. Lock share the same bellhousing as the 370/429/460 Ford. The 351M was found in cars and trucks...the 400 was only found in trucks, i believe. They room decent motors and also can be developed to make great power, yet they have known oiling deficiencies...get in a van or car with a 351M/400 in the that has actually some usage (75k+ miles) ~ above it, and an ext times 보다 not, after the oil gets hot, you"ll hear some bottom end (main bearing or connecting rod) knock. The oiling troubles can be resolved, relatively easily, throughout a rebuild. The aftermarket is fairly minimal for this engines, though. EDIT: part folks call the 351M/400 a "big block" engine. I"m not advocating that it is or that it is not. V respect to the actual design of the engine, favor I said, it"s basically a tall-deck version of a Cleveland (351C), which many engine builders/Ford enthusiasts take into consideration a smallblock Ford. However, together I mentioned, the 351M/400 share the same bellhousing pattern as the 385-series Fords (370/429/460) and, for the reason, i guess, is why some human being call that a bigblock. It"s a little of a maverick, in my book. Dedenbear, JW, etc., cast aluminum bellhousings to mount a C4 behind a 429/460, but they"re expensive. If you can discover one, Ford placed C4s behind some 351Ms in several of the passenger cars in the "70s and also the bellhousing indigenous those trannies will permit you to bolt a C4 increase behind a bigblock 429/460. Several of the males that read this more than likely cringe and also think there"s no method a C4 would stand increase behind a bigblock. A C4 is a nice stout small tranny and also can be constructed to withstand quite a little bit of power and also abuse. A many of men in 3100 + lb Mustang traction cars to run mid to high 8 2nd quarter miles (putting 800-900+ lb/ft of torque v the drivetrain) run constructed C4s. Ns pass this along simply in the occasion somebody analysis this could ever have a project vehicle or buggie and also wanna operation a bigblock/C4 combination. Girlfriend don"t have to shell the end the $$$ because that an aftermarket piece...however, having actually said that, a stock C4 bell indigenous behind a 351M is acquiring hard to find. A C4 is a many lighter (and, as such, has substantially less rotating mass) and also physically smaller sized tranny 보다 is a C6.