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about the Missouri patent Plate

On respectable 10, 2021, Missouri will certainly celebrate 200 years of statehood, or that bicentennial. To commegaianation.netrate this historical occasion, the Missouri Legislature happen a law in 2016 inquiry the room of Revenue to begin a reissuance of license plates through a brand-new bicentennial design, no later on than January 1, 2019. The brand-new bicentennial style will change the Missouri bluebird license plate presented in 2008.

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The license Plate style Advisory Committee was responsible because that determining the brand-new plate design. The committee was comprised of the manager of the room of Revenue or his or she designee, the superintendent of the Missouri State Highway Patrol, the correctional enterprises administrator, the manager of the department of Transportation, the executive, management director of the State Historical society of Missouri, and also the particular chairpersons of both the Senate and House the Representatives transportation Committees. (301.125,

This design is representative the the entire state, not particular to a certain region. The plate celebrates the bicentennial through red tide at the top of the plate and also blue waves at the bottom that the plate to signify our Missouri flag and also Missouri rivers, which figure prominently in the state’s historic function as a gateway for American exploration and transportation. The design additionally features Missouri’s state seal in the center of the plate, the years 1821 and also 2021, and a star. Additionally, the Missouri State Highway Patrol provided this new design provides the greatest readability of every plates tested for visibility during the day and also nighttime hours.


Missouri patent plates are made the aluminum and also are made by the Missouri room of corrections at the Jefferson City Correctional Center. Standard license plates are embossed (raised lettering), while personalized license plates are made through a computer graphics process that to produce a flat license plate. This process allows the department to produce really detailed specialty patent plates (which might or might not be personalized) that commegaianation.netrate a certain organization, activity, or charity. You might view the assorted specialty license plates by click here.

Year Tabs

gaianation.netst Missouri license plates need an expiration year tab, i m sorry is color-coded and includes the expiration year that the registration. The tabs are issued once a brand-new or rejuvenation registration transaction is processed.


Click right here for information on just how to replace stolen patent plates or tabs.

Temporary 3rd License key (for gaianation.nettor car with an hidden rear license plate)

If a behind Missouri license plate is obstructed from check out by a bicycle rack, luggage rack, or other similar device, the autogaianation.netbile owner has the choice to achieve a Temporary 3rd License Plate.This "third patent plate" is printed on 8½" x 11" non-secure white record and will contain the very same license plate configuration and also expiration date as the permanent license bowl assigned to thegaianation.nettor vehicle. It is come be placed in the interior of the vehicle’s rear window such that the driver’s see out of the rear car is not obstructed and the plate configuration is plainly visiblefrom the exterior of the vehicle.

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In order to obtain a Temporary 3rd License Plate, the autogaianation.netbile owner should submit the adhering to items come our central office:

The $11.00 Temporary 3rd License Plate fee (includes the $5.00 patent fee and $6.00 processing fee).

Applicants should mail the completed type and fee come the address listed on the applications form.