Now that we understand a tiny bit around multiplying confident and an unfavorable numbers, Let's think around how just how we can divide them. Currently what you'll view is the it's actually a very similar methodology. The if both space positive, you'll gain a hopeful answer. If one is negative, or the other, however not both, you'll gain a negative answer. And if both room negative, they'll publication out and also you'll obtain a optimistic answer. However let's apply and also I encourage girlfriend to stop this video and try these the end yourself and also then check out if you gain the very same answer that I'm going to get. For this reason eight (8) split by negative two (-2). So if I just said eight (8) divided by two (2), that would be a positive four (4), but because exactly one of these two numbers space negative, this one ideal over here, the answer is walking to it is in negative. For this reason eight (8) separated by an unfavorable two (-2) is an unfavorable four (-4). Now an unfavorable sixteen (-16) divided by positive 4 (4)-- now be very careful here. If I just said optimistic sixteen (16) separated by positive 4 (4), that would just be 4 (4). But due to the fact that one of these two numbers is negative, and also exactly among these 2 numbers is negative, then I'm going to get a an unfavorable answer. Now I have negative thirty (-30) divided by an adverse five (-5). If I simply said thirty (30) divided by five (5), I'd get a hopeful six (6). And because I have a negative divided by a negative, the negatives cancel out, so mine answer will still be positive six (6)! and also I can even write a positive (+) the end there, i don't have actually to, however this is a hopeful six (6). A negative divided by a negative, similar to a an unfavorable times a negative, you're gonna get a positive answer. Eighteen (18) divided by 2 (2)! and this is a small bit of a cheat question. This is what you knew just how to do before we also talked about negative numbers: This is a positive separated by a positive. I beg your pardon is going to be a positive. So the is going come be equal to confident nine (9). Currently we start doing some amazing things, here's type of a compound problem. We have actually some multiplication and also some department going on. And also so first right end here, the method this is written, we're gonna wanna main point the molecule out, and if you're not acquainted with this small dot symbol, it's simply another means of writing multiplication. Ns could've written this small "x" thing over here yet what you're gonna watch in Algebra is the the dot come to be much an ext common. Due to the fact that the X becomes used for other-- world don't want to confuse it with the letter X which gets used a lot of in Algebra. That's why they used the dot very often. Therefore this simply says an adverse seven (-7) times three (3) in the numerator, and also we're gonna take that product and also divide that by negative one (-1). So the numerator, negative seven (-7) times 3 (3), positive seven (7) times three (3) would certainly be twenty-one (21), but due to the fact that exactly among these two room negative, this is going to be an unfavorable twenty-one (-21), that's gonna be an adverse twenty-one (-21) over an adverse one (-1). And also so an adverse twenty-one (-21) divided by an adverse one (-1), negative divided through a negative is walking to it is in a positive. So this is going to it is in a positive twenty-one (21). Allow me create all these things down. Therefore if i were to take it a positive divided by a negative, that's going to be a negative. If I had actually a an unfavorable divided by a positive, that's likewise going to it is in a negative. If I have actually a an unfavorable divided by a negative, that's going to provide me a positive, and also if clearly a positive separated by a positive, that's additionally going to offer me a positive. Now let's execute this last one end here. This is actually all multiplication, but it's interesting, because we're multiplying 3 (3) things, which we haven't excellent yet. And we might just go from left to appropriate over here, and we could very first think about negative two (-2) times an unfavorable seven (-7). Negative two (-2) times an unfavorable seven (-7). They are both negatives, and also negatives publication out, therefore this would provide us, this component right over here, will provide us hopeful fourteen (14). And so we're going to multiply hopeful fourteen (14) time this an adverse one (-1), time -1. Currently we have actually a optimistic times a negative. Specifically one of lock is negative, therefore this is going to be negative answer, it's gonna offer me negative fourteen (-14). Currently let me provide you a couple of more, i guess us could contact these cheat problems. What would take place if I had zero (0) split by an unfavorable five (-5). Fine this is zero an unfavorable fifths so zero separated by something that's non-zero is just going to equal to zero. However what if it were the other way around? What happens if us said negative five split by zero? Well, we don't understand what happens once you divide points by zero. Us haven't characterized that. There's disagreements for multiple methods to conceptualize this, so we traditionally execute say that this is undefined.

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We haven't defined what happens when something is split by zero. And also similarly, even when we had zero split by zero, this is still, this is still, undefined.