Disney has released a bunch of brand-new photos from Aladdin showcasing several first looks in ~ important characters old and new.

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Latest Aladdin Photos present Villain Jafar and Pet Monkey Abu
Disney has released a bunch of new photos from the live-action work again, please again of Aladdin, revealing our an initial looks at the knavish Jafar and the lover monkey sidekick, Abu. Much of the attention paid come these an initial look photos has been specialized to will certainly Smith"s Genie who, as the internet has actually been fast to suggest out, is not blue. However there is a lot an ext to look at right here that ideas us in regarding what we"re in for through this remake following summer.

Jafar, the Sultan"s advisor who has his own evil ambitions and has his sights set on acquiring his hands on the magical lamp containing will Smith"s Genie, is gift played by Marwan Kenzari. The picture we watch of him is, though different, reasonably faithful come what has actually come before. Jafar is in black, red and also gold robes, hold the desk lamp in question and looking nefarious as ever.

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Evil together he might seem, this is tho a kid"s movie. The is shown by the adorable first look at Abu, a beloved personality from the 1992 man classic. Abu looks quite faithful come what fans would expect, however brought to life. He"s viewed in the an initial image looking rather surprised at what he"s seeing in the cave of Wonders. It"s in reality the idea of make a kid"s movie that attracted director male Ritchie to the project. The guy behind Snatch and also Lock Stock and Two smoking Barrels isn"t possibly the very first one who pertains to mind for something such as this, however here"s what Richie had actually to say about it.

"My skills and experience could add enough to make it feel fresh and also worth it, however not so lot so the it would wash away nostalgia... Making a kids" movie was really appealing to me."

These brand-new photos likewise give us plenty of new looks in ~ both the titular Aladdin and also Princess Jasmine, play by Mena Massoud and also Naomi Scott. But this variation is walking to present us come a new character as well in the kind of Dalia, played by previous Saturday Night Live cast member Nasim Pedrad. Dalia is viewed standing v Jasmine in the photograph and, together we learn, she"s the princess" finest friend, a character created specifically because that this brand-new take. Here"s what Pedrad had to say around it.

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"Jasmine is so resilient and also independent in this version, she"s concentrated on things various other than which boy she"s walk to end up with. She really wants to it is in a leader, and Dalia really supports that yet at the very same time wants to make sure she doesn"t gain in trouble."

For those who may be concerned, will Smith did confirm that Genie will be blue in the movie and also that what we"re seeing is his human disguise. So perhaps take that right into account once looking with the images. Aladdin is collection to arrive in theaters on might 22, 2019. Be certain to examine out all of the new photos indigenous Entertainment Weekly below.

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