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Gilbert Gottfried, currently the previous voice that the Aflac duck, to be fired ~ above Monday by his employer because that jokes he made about the Japanese tsunami ~ above Twitter.

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Gottfried's Twitter feed-- wherein the jokes originally appeared, together with lots of other humor the can't be republished by – is located here.

This isn't the an initial incident where a high-profile employee to be fired end the content of a tweet. In July the 2010, Octavia Nasr, a former CNN senior Editor extending Mideast affairs, to be fired once she praised a controversial Muslim cleric who had actually just died. Yet the Aflac situation is the first one, that I understand of at least, whereby a celebrity to be fired for tweeting jokes.But Gottfried might be an ext than just a victim that his own negative taste and also bad timing: the may also be a victim that Aflac's negative earnings exposure as well.

Yesterday, Meredith Lepore at company Insider reported thatAflac had the worst exposure the all major American insurance suppliers to the devastation in Japan.In fact, according to Aflac's CEO, Sanford Bernstein, it is possible that Aflac will miss out on a key component of its income expectations together a consequence.

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Business Insider price quotes Bernstein together saying:

"Risks come AFL’s capability to miss our price target encompass a prolonged decline in sales expansion in one of two people the company’s us or Japan segments. Potential difficulties in Japan incorporate increased competition and increased regulation scrutiny approximately sales or claims paying practices. A long-term decline in sales trends could cause the firm to miss our double digit EPS development expectation. A 2nd risk is if the margin development we mean out the AFL Japan fails to materialize. Credit transaction losses stand for a 3rd risk."

So the ethical of the story is an ext than don't tweet anything girlfriend wouldn't want published on the front web page of a newspaper – it's recognize your danger exposure and also hedge accordingly.


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