Story Highlights Comedian Joey Bishop dies at house in Los Angeles through Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Bishop was in Rat pack Bishop had actually late-"60s talk show; sidekick was Regis Philbin



LOS ANGELES, California (AP) -- Joey Bishop, the stone-faced comedian who discovered success in nightclubs, television and movies but ended up being most famous as a member of frank Sinatra"s Rat Pack, has died at 89.

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He was the group"s last making it through member. Peter Lawford died in 1984, Sammy Davis Jr. In 1990, Dean boy name in 1995, and also Sinatra in 1998.

Bishop passed away Wednesday night of multiple causes at his house in Newport Beach, publicist and also longtime friend Warren Cowan said Thursday.

The Rat load -- originally a social group surrounding Humphrey Bogart -- became a show business sensation in the beforehand 1960s, showing up at the Sands Hotel in las Vegas in reflects that an unified music and comedy in a watch chaotic manner.

Reviewers often asserted that Bishop play a young role, yet Sinatra knew otherwise. He termed the comedian "the Hub that the large Wheel," with Bishop coming up with few of the ideal one-liners and beginning countless jokes through his favourite phrase, "Son of a gun!"

The quintet live it up whenever members were complimentary of their own commitments. They showed up together in such movies as "Ocean"s Eleven" and "Sergeants 3" and proudly offered honorary membership to a particular fun-loving politician native Massachusetts, man F. Kennedy, at whose inauguration gala Bishop served as grasp of ceremonies.

The Rat load faded after Kennedy"s assassination, yet the so late 1990s brought a renaissance, through the group depicted in an HBO movie and also portrayed by copy in ras Vegas and elsewhere. The movie "Ocean"s Eleven" was also remade in 2003 v George Clooney and also Brad Pitt in the command roles.

Bishop defended his other performers" rowdy reputations in a 1998 interview.

"Are us remembered as being drunk and also chasing broads?" that asked. "I never saw Frank, Dean, Sammy or Peter drunk during performances. That was just a gag. And do you believe these guys had to chase broads? They had to chase "em away."

away from the Rat Pack, Bishop starred in 2 TV series, both dubbed "The Joey Bishop Show."

The first, an NBC sitcom, gained off come a rocky start in 1961. Critical and audience response was typically negative, and the second season carried a adjust in format. The third season brought a change in network, v the display moving come ABC, but nothing seemed to assist and it to be canceled in 1965.

In the very first series, Bishop played a TV talk present host.

Then, that really became a TV talk show host. His routine was began by abc in 1967 together a difficulty to Johnny Carson"s immensely popular "The this evening Show."

favor Carson, Bishop satellite behind a desk and also bantered with a sidekick, TV newcomers Regis Philbin. Yet despite an superior guest list and also outrageous stunts, Bishop couldn"t dent Carson"s ratings, and "The Joey Bishop Show" was canceled after 2 seasons.

Philbin remembered Bishop fondly.

"It to be the thrill of my life come be chosen by Joey together the announcer because that his talk display on ABC back in the "60s," he stated in a statement. "I learned a lot around the organization of making people laugh. He was a master comedian and also a an excellent teacher and I will never forget those days or him."

after the talk show"s cancellation, Bishop became a familiar guest figure in TV selection shows and also as sub for vacationing talk show hosts, filling in because that Carson 205 times.

He additionally played character functions in together movies together "The Naked and the Dead" ("I played both roles"), "Onion-head," "Johnny Cool," "Texas across the River," "Who"s Minding the Mint?" "Valley of the Dolls" and also "The Delta Force."

His comedic schooling came from vaudeville, burlesque and also nightclubs.

omitted his critical high college semester in Philadelphia, he developed a music and comedy act through two other boys, and they played clubs in Pennsylvania and new Jersey. They dubbed themselves the Bishop Brothers, take out loan the name from their driver, valley Bishop.

Joseph Abraham Gottlieb would certainly eventually embrace Joey Bishop as his stage name.

when his partners got drafted, Bishop go to work-related as a single, play his an initial solo day in Cleveland in ~ the well-named El Dumpo.

throughout these early years he emerged his style: laid-back drollery, through surprise throwaway lines.

~ 3 1/2 years in the Army, Bishop resumed his job in 1945. Within 5 years he was earning $1,000 a main at new York"s Latin Quarter. Sinatra witnessed him there one night and hired the as opened act.

While many members the the Sinatra entourage cure the an excellent man gingerly, Bishop had no inhibitions. He would tell audiences that the group"s leader hadn"t ignored him: "He speak to me backstage; the told me, "Get out of the way." "

when Sinatra almost drowned filming a movie step in Hawaii, Bishop wired him: "I thought you can walk ~ above water."

Born in brand-new York"s borough that the Bronx, Bishop to be the youngest the five children of 2 immigrants from eastern Europe.

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when he was 3 months old the family members moved to south Philadelphia, where he attended public schools. That recalled being an indifferent student, when remarking, "In kindergarten, i flunked sand pile."

In 1941 Bishop married Sylvia Ruzga and, in spite of the rigors of a show service career, the marriage survived till her death in 1999.

Bishop, who invested his retirement year on the upscale Lido Isle in southern California"s Newport Bay, is survived by kid Larry Bishop; grandchildren Scott and also Kirk Bishop; and longtime companion Nora Garabotti. E-mail to a girlfriend