Bam Margera"s marriages challenged problems due to the fact that of his alcohol and substance abuse and also unconventional practices.

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Jackass star Bam Margera is life happily through his wife Nicole Boyd and son Phoenix wolf Margera. The family members of 3 look happy together and they often share several of their moments on social media.
But Margera’s family wasn’t constantly so happy. Because that a long time, he had been struggling with alcohol and substance abuse, and his seeks was tearing his household apart.The MTV star claimed he had actually seen 28 doctors and also shuffled with 4 rehabs with no result and asked Dr. Phil because that help.
Margera and Boyd checked out Dr. Phil for a taping of an respectable 2019 episode where he recounted several incidents and problems in their tumultuous relationship.The three sat down for a three-hour-long session and also were joined by Margera’s mother, April Margera, for part time.Before the taping, as soon as Margera inquiry Dr. Phil because that help, that had claimed he was ready to listen to whatever the physician said. After the session, that went ~ above his 5th rehab at the TV personality’s behest.

Margera and Boyd’s Marriage

Margera and Boyd bound the knot on October 5, 2013, in a rock n role themed ceremony throughout the random Hero Festival in Reykjavik, Iceland. Like lot of his career together a Jackass star, his selection for his wedding costume was unconventional — a black color hoodie and shades.Following Margera’s close friend Ryan Dunn’s death in 2011, the stunt performer’s dependence on alcohol had exacerbated, and also he was watched throwing a drunken fit many times. He had a similar incident back in 2009 once he was hospitalized for binge drinking over a duration of multiple days.
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His struggle with alcohol and substance abuse started producing problems in his marriage. TMZ report Margera spent a night in a Finnish drunk tank after acquiring into an discussion with Boyd.The Jackass star to be detained outside the Sea Horse, a landmark restaurant in Helsinki. The tabloid likewise reported that witnesses claimed things were acquiring heated between Margera and also his wife prior to the police hauled him turn off at 11 PM. Your relationship continued deteriorating together his problem with alcohol and drugs acquired worse. He asked for aid from Dr. Phil via Instagram in 2019. Margera appears to it is in doing much much better after the session and has his life earlier on track.
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Margera’s first Marriage v Missy Rothstein

Before Margera met Boyd, he to be married to design Missy Rothstein. The 2 exchanged vow on February 3, 2007. Their marriage was recorded on the 2007 fact show, Bam’s Unholy Union.The ceremony was completed v a performance by punk rocker Iggy Pop. Margera revealed he had actually to pay $13,000 for damages caused during the wedding since of the chaos the ensued after the guests obtained drunk. I have actually $13,000 worth of loss I have to pay for… Everybody got so wasted, they started breaking irradiate fixtures and kicking in the restroom doors.Margera and Rothstein’s marriage finished after six years on November 1, 2012.