Bam Margera has found himself in ~ the facility of part controversy due to the fact that he shed his role in the most recent "Jackass" movie (via Complex). It"s no secret that that has combated both addiction and also mental health struggles end the years. And also after losing his good friend and cast girlfriend Ryan Dunn come a tragic accident and finding himself robbed at gunpoint in Colombia, he relapsed.

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Margera had previously acquired sober after ~ a insignificant in rehab earlier in 2015, but the tragic events that unfolded over the years collection him ago in 2018. By 2021, Margera was still struggling v addiction, and his future with the recent "Jackass Forever" film to be up in the air. That revealed, "It"s been a actual toll top top my mind of just wondering because that a year, since of COVID, wonder if I"m walk to be in the or not. Ns feel favor I"ve gotten much more gray hair from it because I wake up up every day and also just think, "Am ns going to be in this or not?" and also it really simply f**ks with your head."

After publicly boycotting the film he to be left out of, Margera now finds himself in the facility of one more public drama neighboring his wife and child (via TMZ).

If you or anyone you understand is struggling through addiction issues, aid is available. Visit the Substance Abuse and Mental wellness Services management website or contact SAMHSA"s national Helpline in ~ 1-800-662-HELP (4357).

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Bam Margera"s wife, previous MTV star and also professional skateboarder Nicole Boyd, is acquisition her husband to court (via web page Six). However, the reasoning can not be what you expect. She isn"t seeking a divorce, rather complete custody of the couple"s son, Phoenix Wolf, who is three years old.

According come TMZ, Margera deserve to see his son under managed visitation. Usually, this custody lawsuits take place throughout or after ~ a divorce filing, however Boyd hasn"t pulled the cause on the couple"s marriage simply yet.

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Margera and Boyd obtained married in Iceland in 2013 (per us Weekly). No to be perplexed with the wedding he had on his MTV reality show, "Bam"s Unholy Union." That marital relationship was between himself and also childhood friend, Melissa Rothstein, earlier in 2007. Their marital relationship was rocky, and he announced they were living separately in 2010 before finalizing their divorce in 2012.

According to Hollywood Mask, the marriage in between Margera and also Boyd has actually been rocky because he relapsed in 2018, i beg your pardon was simply one year after ~ their child was born in December 2017.