With significant League Baseball’s feather Training in full swing – and wishing i were traveling v Florida watching video game after video game – I determined to blow the dust turn off my sportswriting abilities for one week.

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For the an initial time due to the fact that 2013, no players were chosen to the Baseball hall of reputation this year. Some would say because of performance-enhancing drugs, no worthy football player on the ballot or, in Curt Schilling’s case, “cancel culture,” which, through the way, is the dumbest phrase ever before conceptualized.

With that being said, i’ve compiled my perform of the 10 ideal players no enshrined in Cooperstown. I’ve minimal the list to players whose eligibility period with the baseball authors has already run out, and enshrinement is currently in the hand of the miscellaneous veterans’ committees.

10. Keith Hernandez: there is no a doubt, the greatest defensive an initial baseman in MLB history, Hernandez to be an 11-time Gold glove Award winner with the Cardinals and also my new York Mets. He no too negative at the bowl either, batting .300 or far better seven times with a batting title and a National league Most valuable Player Award.

So why no he in the hall of Fame? early drug problems can be one factor. Rather say he had a call for gift a loafer in St. Louis, one that did his ideal to disprove in new York. Or possibly he didn’t have actually the power numbers for a place expected to have huge power numbers.

9. Lou Whitaker: 2nd base has actually never yes, really been recognized to it is in a power-hitting position, at least not until the Steroid Era, whereby every position ended up being one.

For 19 years with the Detroit Tigers, Whitaker to be one-half of one of the biggest double-play tandems in MLB history, along with Alan Trammell, who is in Cooperstown. Whitaker to be a five-time All-Star who had 4 20-homer seasons (back as soon as a 20-homer season intended something), and also finished with 244 career house runs, and nearly 1,100 RBIs.

8. Tony Oliva: there aren’t countless players who obtain named come eight All-Star Games, win three batting titles, a Rookie that the Year Award and a Gold gloves Award that aren’t in the hall of call – however Tony Oliva is among those players.

In a 15-year career through the Minnesota Twins, Oliva finished through a .304 job batting average in an era characterized by leading pitching.

However, his career to be curtailed because of severe knee injuries, a key reason for why the is still on the external looking in the Cooperstown.

7. Invoice Madlock: three batting title haven’t gained Tony Oliva right into the Hall. 4 can’t obtain Bill Madlock there.

The 3rd baseman to be a three-time All-Star that finished with a .305 average, and is one of only three right-handed hitters to victory multiple National league batting crowns.

So why no love because that Madlock? because that starters, that was well-known to have actually a infamous temper that led to infamous incidents with umpires, opponents and even teammates, therefore the nickname “Mad Dog.” despite his talent and also unquestioned hitting ability, that temper might have to be the reason he play for 6 teams in his 15-year career.

(Side note: Madlock might have to be a Cardinal, however chose no to authorize with them the end of high school due to the fact that he feel he wouldn’t have gotten to the majors with Dal Maxvill still at shortstop, his initial position.)

6. Dan Quisenberry: popular music “Quiz:” who was the to win pitcher in video game 6 the the 1985 human being Series? Yes, the well known “Don Denkinger Game.”

If girlfriend look in ~ Dan Quisenberry’s career statistics, and you look in ~ Bruce Sutter’s career stats, castle remarkably similar.

Sutter’s a room of call closer, but “Quiz” is not, however. As dominant as Sutter was in the NL, Quisenberry to be his same in the AL in ~ the same time – and also his career need to be given another look.

5. Ken Boyer: now that Ron Santo is in the hall of Fame, Ken Boyer is taken into consideration by many to it is in the best 3rd baseman shut out of the hallowed halls.

Like Santo, Boyer to be a run-producing machine who repetitively hit over .300 v 20 residence runs each season. Uneven Santo, that compiled his numbers on negative Chicago Cubs teams, Boyer to be a seven-time All-Star that won the 1964 NL MVP for the people Champion St. Louis Cardinals.

Then again, playing on poor teams and also clicking your heels after each win eventually endears girlfriend to pan – and also eventually to voters!

4. Al Oliver: “Scoop” was among the ideal pure hitters that his era, batting .300 or much better 11 time en path to a .303 job average. Oliver also won a batting title and also a RBI title in his 18-year career.

Oliver definitely put increase Cooperstown-worthy numbers, however some chicanery in ~ the highest levels could have price him immortality.

Oliver, like plenty of other veterans that his era, was a victim of collusion among baseball owner in the mid-1980s by hold down earnings by any way necessary, which required higher-priced players out of the league, violating cumulative bargaining agreements.

Oliver was required to retire after ~ the 1985 season because no various other team would authorize him, just over 200 hits brief of 3,000 because that his career. Had actually he play long sufficient to gain those hits, he wouldn’t be top top this list.

3. Bobby Grich: perhaps the best second baseman not in the Hall, Grich to be a six-time All-Star and also four-time Gold gloves winner because that the Baltimore Orioles and also California Angels in the 70s and 80s. He to be the an initial second baseman to command the AL in homers since 1901, and also the an initial to perform it in MLB because 1929.

With baseball becoming much more a sabermetric game, Grich ranks higher than 10 2nd basemen at this time enshrined in Cooperstown.

2. Don Mattingly: it amazes me “Donnie Baseball” never ever got any kind of love indigenous the Baseball writers Association the America. Six-time All-Star, .307 lifetime batting average, nine Gold Gloves, one batting title, one RBI and also an AL MVP trophy should at least get you some consideration.

However, Mattingly to be the victim of bad luck and also bad time while play for the brand-new York Yankees. A ago injury throughout his prime cut short an almost-certain course to the Hall. Also, the Yankees shed the World series in 1981, the year before his rookie season, and also won the World collection in 1996, the year ~ his retirement.

Mattingly’s ideal chance to reach the Fall standard might have actually been 1994, however that season to be cut short by the players’ strike i beg your pardon canceled the human being Series. The just time he reached the postseason was 1995, the final season that his career, however he watched the Seattle Mariners finish his World series dream when Ken Griffey Jr slide home with the winning operation in game 5 the the first-ever American league Divisional Series.

1. Dick Allen: Widely taken into consideration by sportswriters and his partner to it is in the finest player no in the room of Fame, penis Allen was among the most feared sluggers the the 1960s and 1970s, win a Rookie the the Year Award, two residence run titles, an American league MVP Award and also getting called to 7 All-Star teams.

He also has the greatest slugging percentage of any kind of player not attached to PEDs that is no enshrined in Cooperstown.

Allen placed up most of his numbers play his home gamings in some of the many cavernous parks in baseball throughout what historians speak to the “second dead-ball era,” a time once pitchers conquered the game. Among those parks to be Busch stadium in St. Louis, whereby he played because that one season in 1970.

Allen is additionally one that the most controversial football player in MLB history. Allen to be not taken into consideration a “media-friendly” player, especially throughout the unstable ‘60s, compared to Willie Mays and also Ernie Banks. Lot of that had to execute with the treatment Allen withstood from Philadelphia fans during his 7 years with the Phillies, which led to his profession out that the city.

Since the media casts the ballots because that the hall of Fame, and also we’re people with prejudices just like everyone rather sadly, this probably cost Allen enshrinement during his eligibility period.

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Allen died in December, and also though it’s as well late because that “Crash” for watch his plaque in Cooperstown, the doesn’t average it shouldn’t be there.


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