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Pitt an in similar way started as a rebel, quitting college simply two credits shy that graduating and also then moving to LA to get into the film industry. He worked random work here and also there to obtain by together he made uncredited appearances ~ above various movies and little guest duties on tv shows and also soap operas. His first turn for the better began with Thelma & Louise, the duty turned him into an overnight sex symbol. He proved he to be an actor too yet when that starred in A flow Runs v It command by, friend guessed it, Robert Redford, moving a career-defining performance in the process.

Finally, Pitt completed his rise into the A tier actor’s pool v Interview with the Vampire, and though the film was a blended bag, a duty Pitt needed, and he never looked ago afterward.

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The Obvious: covertly Related?

Just look in ~ the two, specifically now. Redford and Pitt are almost twins, and also their comparable bad young personas just add to the strange coincidences the lie between them both.

Each dealt with to shed their great looks in place of an excellent acting, however like to have actually a great time every the same. They have actually Oscars ~ above the shelf, but more of the nominations and also awards have actually come with either directing for Redford or producing for Pitt, showing they don’t want to simply say currently on a page, they want to operation the show, all the an ext commanding respect from your peers. Both males used the success and also respect to speak on essential political stances they organized dear, knowing they earned the ear of many approximately them.

Another funny similarity is both have had actually a movie buddy the audiences never got sufficient of. For Redford, the chemistry and also success was with Paul Newman, if Pitt mutual an instant link with George Clooney himself.

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Newman and also Redford just made two movies together (though castle tried no hope to get a 3rd it simply wasn’t meant to be), and those 2 were iconic to a degree that the duo is thought about one that the finest on-screen pairing in history. Butch and also Sundance was your first, resulting in a 2nd go through The Sting, a film that received plenty of Oscar nominations, winning seven out that ten including ideal Picture. Their heritage was cemented and also the 2 remained finest friends till Newman’s sad pass in ‘08.

For Pitt and Clooney, your partnership in the Ocean’s trilogy to be a vision to behold. Coolness oozed the end of the two and also they have stayed in close link since, appearing in one more film, Burn After reading (though castle don’t yes, really share the display screen together).

Pitt and also Redford then made everyone happy when they starred with each other in the spy-film, Spy Game, a movie clearly made for the stars. See what looks prefer a father-son combo on screen was the icing ~ above the cake.

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Are over there Any major Differences?

Though they pressure you to execute a double-take, there space differences, or one real differentiating characteristic, between the 2 men.

Over his career, Pitt has much more often than Redford leaned earlier into the cool, sex-symbol persona. So much so the it’s easy to forget the Pitt has offered quite a couple of hefty performances. The funny, witty, and also quirky action star functions tend to make a enlarge impact, making people gush end his charm and also love for food in the movie, while Redford always took on more art-centric duties that even when showing his an excellent looks and also charm, had a weight to them no issue what. Pitt provides jokes at awards shows, Redford is charming, yet he often tends to keep that side of himself off the live camera. One went out of his method to melted what can have come to be a typecast skin, the various other is happy to put it on when necessary.

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But that my friends, is around the only major difference. Ya know, as well as the fact that castle two different human beings but that’s just minor.

Over time, both Pitt and Redford have used your rebel-good looks to gain into the industry however made it their mission come not simply act, while having a significant role in Hollywood, and using your platform come speak on worries important come them. One directs the other produces, but both space respected and legendary males in Hollywood, taking residence multiple Oscars each and also like a well wine, just get much better with age.

By Merrick Sinclair

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Merrick Sinclair is a film journalist through a enthusiasm for cinema, Hollywood and also filmmaking since a young age. Merrick focuses on reviews and features here at Hollywood Insider, and takes mindful thought as to the influence cinema has actually on society and what that way for us. Whether they be old or new, blockbuster or independent, Merrick understands the role movies have actually on culture and how each individual has actually their own distinctive experience v movies. Merrick hopes to unpack his observations with clarity for reader while permitting them come walk away with their own opinions on any kind of given topic.