By now, you have actually no doubt i found it that many English speakers usage the language improperly as soon as speaking, even if they room perfectly good writers.

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These differences between correct and incorrect usages might be a an outcome of regional dialects or popular slang, and they frequently reinforce camaraderie in between familiar speakers. But, lock can additionally make things confusing language learners or world outside that any particular community.

If you’ve ever before heard who say brung in conversation, you might be forgiven for not discovering what lock meant. Brung occurs v some frequency in talked English but only very rarely in writing.

Is the an acceptable substitute for brought? continue reading to find out more.

What is the Difference in between Brung and also Brought?

In this post, I will compare brung vs. brought. Ns will outline the correct word an option and usage it in several examples so you can see it in context.

I will likewise demonstrate a valuable memory device that will certainly make it much easier for you to choose brought or brung correctly.

When to use Brought

What does carried mean? Brought is a previous tense shortcut of the verb to bring, which way to carry someone or something in addition to you, usually to a place.

A woman might tell her friend to bring pizza when he concerns her house, because that example. If the friend arrived with pizza in ~ some allude in the past, that brought the pizza.

Here room a few other ways to conjugate bring,

I/we bring: an initial person singular and also plural presentYou bring: second person singular and also plural presentHe/she/it brings: 3rd person singular presentThey bring: third person plural presentBringing: current participleBrought: an easy past

Here are a couple of example sentence that encompass the indigenous brought,

Against the advice the his mother, Johnny carried his firearms to town.I carried my girlfriend come Alex’s wedding, however she awkward herself and also I wish i hadn’t.

When to usage Brung

What does brung mean? Brung is one improper inflection of the same verb. Bring becomes brought in the past tense, as stated above. Brung first appeared at some allude in the 19th century however has never been considered suitable English.

This graph mirrors the usage of brought vs. brung since 1800:


Brung has never ever seen coherent use in written English. If you were creating fiction and wanted to record informal, spoken English in dialogue, friend might have the ability to use it. Otherwise, stick to brought.

Even when brought has seen a decrease in use relative to all various other English words, brung has not enhanced its market share, which further demonstrates the reality that brought is the just correct indigenous in standard English.

Trick come Remember the Difference

Brought is the proper method to conjugate the irregular verb bring in the past tense. In other words, you need to never usage brung.

Since brought rhymes with other past it s too dirty verbs, choose wrought, combated caught, etc., it do not do it be any trouble come remember to usage it instead of brung.


Is that brung or brought? The conflict here centers top top the past tense that the verb bring.

Brought is the correct past tense version of bring.

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Brung is an incorrect conjugation that the same verb.