With a sweet mix of oil, ketchup, sugar, red wine vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, and also seasonings, this catalina dressing is right for salads and also grilled meats.

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About Catalina Dressing

When the warmer months are approaching, i always try to save a few fresh salad dressing choices in the fridge, and also this Catalina dressing is one of the newest enhancements to my rotation.

It’s the idea garnish for summer salads or even grilled meats!

Plus, it doesn’t hurt the I’ve recently fallen in love with taco pasta salad and also this dressing simply happens to it is in a an essential ingredient.

What is Catalinadressing?

Catalina dressing has actually a sweet tomato flavor through a thin (yet slightly creamy) texture. It’s finest served with classic garden salads, pasta salads, and also burgers.

Catalina dressing vs French dressing

While these two dressings are comparable in look and texture, there room a few key differences.

French dressing frequently refers to a dressing through an oil-and-vinegar basic with ideas of mustard and also seasonings. The store-bought versions are usually creamy and have a irradiate orange in color.

On the other hand, Catalina dressing has tendency to be thinner and has a bolder red hue. And though it also has an oil-and-vinegar base, the sweet flavor has hints of tomato and also the spices aren’t as potent.


How lengthy is catalina dressing good for?

Once prepared, this dressing deserve to be save on computer in a sealed container in the refrigerator because that up to 5 days.

Can you freeze catalina dressing?

Yes, you have the right to freeze catalina dressing – but be ready for the ingredient to separate a little during the freezing and also thawing process. This should be conveniently fixed through whisking or blending the ingredient again when the dressing has thawed.

Once frozen in a sealed container or freezer bag, catalina dressing have the right to be frozen because that up to 3 months.

Notes & tips for catalina dressing

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How to make Catalina dressing

This next part is only a picture tutorial of the cooking recipes steps. If you’re trying to find the complete recipe measurements and instructions, scroll under to cooking recipes Details.

Step 1 – Put every one of the following ingredientsin a key (if utilizing a hand mixer) or in the key of her food processor:canola oil, ketchup, sugar, red alcohol vinegar, onion powder, paprika, Worcestershire sauce, salt, and pepper.

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Step 2 – Mix ingredient thoroughly, until the oil is integrated with the various other ingredients. I typically keep mixing till the sauce shows up thickened and also bubbles begin to type while mixing.