sa·la de cla·ses Feminine - Noun - Singular Plural: salas de clases. Analyze "sala de clases" to English: classroom. Spanish Synonyms of "sala de clases": aula, clase, sala de clase.

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Click come see complete answer. In this manner, is Sala de clases masculine or feminine?

Class in Spanish is la clase, for this reason it"s gendered feminine.

Beside above, is estudiante masculine or female? estudiante = student masculine or feminine noun.

also asked, is it El Lapiz or La Lapiz?

The pencil: El lápiz (singular) – Los lápices (plural) The voice: La voz (singular) – las voces (plural)

What is boligrafo in English?

bolígrafo = ballpoint pen masculine noun.

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In Spanish, words "agua" which way "water" is a unique feminine noun. Because feminine singular nouns start with a emphasize "a-" or "ha-" take it the definite post “el” no “la” as you could expect. The reason needs to do v pronunciation; "la agua" would sound choose "lagua" and also it can be confusing.
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» mrs » Feminine
Giornale (newspaper) F rase (sentence)
Pane (bread) Canzone (song)
Nome (name) Notte (night)

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If that ends v an "o" or a consonant, such together cuarto or reloj (wristwatch), climate it is more than likely a masculine noun. Exceptions execute exist come this dominion - mapa (map) is masculine, and pared (wall) is feminine - yet the bulk of Spanish noun behave normally.
One other typical word the ends in -a yet that is masculine is words el día (day). The opposite time the day, la noche (night), is feminine, therefore you have the right to think the them as a pair.
Spanish nouns that end with -o space masculine, and ones that finish with -a room feminine, right? Well, nearly always. However there room exceptions to the sex rule, of which the 2 best-known are mano, the word for hand, i m sorry is feminine; and also día, the word for "day," which is masculine.
There are two means of pronouncing Lapis Lazuli, the first is LA:pis LA:zew:lee and the 2nd is LA:pis l:ZOO:lee (both are. Both of these space acceptable pronunciations, yet arguably the second is much more correct, and also I"m going come tell you why i think that is so.
Apparently, "estudiante" is just one of those words the does not readjust its spelling, but can be one of two people masculine or feminine.
enero — January. Febrero — February. Marzo — March. Abril — April. Mei — May. Junio — June. Julio — July. Agosto — August.
boli. That is the brief for bolígrafo and also it is used in Spain. 3. Bolígrafo. This is the general common word for a pen.

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The quick answer is the mapa is masculine, no feminine. There room some masculine noun that end with an -A. They"re just exceptions come the rule, for a variety of reasons.