Gospel artist Kirk Franklin will shortly share his life’s story through the people as part of a film cooperation with producer DeVon Franklin and “Drop Box” and also “Emanuel” director Brian Ivie.

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Ivie “has to be tapped to create the movie which will follow 14-time Grammy-winning artist from his humble start through his meteoric rise to fame together he alters the face of gospel music and also battles his demons in the process,” meeting reports.

The Kirk Franklin biopic has actually yet to be titled. Therefore far, it appears only an covenant to relocate forward with the project has been announced.

While Franklin has publicly common bits and pieces the his life’s story, the award-winning gospel artist has actually yet to provide a full picture. The film, come be distributed by Sony photos Entertainment, will readjust that.

It’s no surprise a Franklin movie is in the works, together Hollywood powerhouse DeVon Franklin has actually been pressing right into the confidence market for years. In addition to this new biopic, Franklin is additionally working on the miraculous story behind the famous snack, Flamin’ hot Cheetos. The film, titled “Flaimin’ Hot,” is a dramatic portrayal that how previous janitor Richard Montanez, a Christian, was divinely influenced to develop the spicy Cheetos snack.

Franklin is behind other inspirational films such together “The Breakthrough” and also “Miracles from Heaven.” A popular ordained preacher and bestselling author, he has actually made the faith-based market his mainstay because resigning from his an elderly executive place at Sony photos Entertainment. If others might use it as a slander, Franklin has said the embraces being well-known in Hollywood together “the belief guy.”

DeVon Franklin preaches in ~ Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church.

“My score in every little thing I carry out is come uplift and also inspire and also use entertainment as a way to perform that,” Franklin, husband come actress Meagan Good, said RNS as soon as asked around how he all at once manages multiple projects. Therefore anything ns doing, whether it’s writing a book, or developing a movie, or speak or preaching, the all v the very same goal: exactly how does the person that is engaging through me family member to what ns doing in that minute — how have the right to their life come to be potentially far better or how have the right to I say something or carry out something that can inspire them?”

The Franklin to chat CEO and also president, who began out in Hollywood as a teenager intern for will Smith, many recently operated with Ivie top top “Emanuel.” The documentary is around white superiorist Dylann Roof’s deadly attack on black Christians in Charleston, south Carolina, in 2015. Ivie offered as director and writer because that the documentary around the Emanuel A.M.E. Church massacre.

As a filmmaker, Ivie has primarily focused on documentaries, although he has previously tackled a music-related project. He gained broad attention in 2015 for his documentary “The fall Box,” around South oriental pastor Lee Jong-ra’s efforts to treatment for abandoned children.

Kirk Franklin and also wife Tammy Collins.

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Kirk Franklin, meanwhile, is right now on tour for his 13th studio album, “Long Live Love.” The album debuted in May and also made the 49-year-old Christian singer “the an initial artist come simultaneously height all 5 Billboard gospel charts.”

Franklin rocked the gospel music market with his 1993 hip-hop familiar debut “Kirk Franklin & The Family.” he was likewise the an initial gospel artist to have actually a music video put in hefty rotation ~ above MTV, v 1997’s “Stomp.”

Throughout his job Franklin has accumulated numerous awards, released a book, and also collaborated with artists of miscellaneous genres, consisting of Chance The Rapper, Kanye West, TobyMac, Bono the U2, and also many others. Franklin currently hosts BET’s “Sunday Best” and also reportedly remains the biggest-selling gospel artist in SoundScan history.