When making use of dial (on mine cat) that helps death the fleas, sometimes far better than even cheap flea-shampoos do. Yet like those cheap shampoos, does that or does it not kill all 4 step in a flea"s life bicycle (ex. Some shampoos don"t kill eggs)??

Question 2 is utilizing dial very first before a store-bought, flea-shampoos does it cover to speak the eggs through a layer the the flea-shampoo doesn"t pass through to death the egg??


Dish soap, bar soap, fluid soap, shampoo (for humans) is a no-no because that cat"s (or dogs). Cats skin is a significantly different Ph than person skin and using these products can reason irritation, itching, allergies, etc. Additionally, once they groom themselves, they can ingest chemical traces that may cause other issues in the future.

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For great flea control, there room many, countless methods and products. Perform a search below on the site and you will certainly find numerous answers because that flea control.

I use Comfortis on my cat and dog and also have been extremely pleased. Lock both have no reaction to the treatment.



As you are are feather for solution that is scientific in nature. I have to start by saying you maybe working under a false impression. Over there is a fine researched prize at can dish soap yes, really be provided to kill ticks and also fleas? that problems with the popular belief that fleas are easy to drown, soap can aid wash fleas off, yet it does not drown them. There is a second answer in ~ the same question, that indicates some dish soap that MAY death fleas can be harmful come cats.

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