There room a lot of relatives in Hollywood. The company breeds nepotism, and also talent frequently runs in families. Nicolas Cage, Sofia Coppola, and also Jason Schwartzman room actually all first cousins. And also that’s just one example of relatives in Hollywood. There room plenty more. Therefore it’s not a stretch to think the Chelsea Handler might be related to Evan Handler.

Both re-publishing a critical name, and also both have actually a talent for entertaining. Follow to a video from Wired, it’s actually among the most googled questions around Chelsea Handler. 

Chelsea Handler is a late night legend 

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Chelsea Handler | Ella DeGea/CBS via Getty Images

Handler was among the couple of women v her own late night show. Over the years, she’s end up being a late night legend. The hold didn’t begin out in the late night game. She travel to Hollywood at the period of 19 with desires of becoming an actress. Once she got to LA, however, Chelsea Handler found she was an ext suited to comedy. She standup reflects were a hit, therefore she placed acting ~ above the ago burner and also focused top top comedy. 

She released a hilarious non-fiction novel, and then found her way to the so late night scene. She showed up a few times on The Tonight display with Jay Leno. The exaggeration from those spots led to her very own sketch comedy show on E!, The Chelsea Handler Show. 

Unfortunately, prefer a lot of her projects, it to be short-lived. She had another late night layout show also on E!. That show, Chelsea Lately, lasted 7 years before eventual cancellation. Because then Chelsea Handler has worked with Netflix on assorted projects, consisting of documentaries and an attempt at a live display on the streaming platform. 

Evan Handler is most famed for his ‘Sex and the City’ role

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Chelsea and Evan Handler have completely different career trajectories. While Chelsea Handler gained into comedy at the beginning of her career, Evan Handler has spent most of his career acting in drama series. The is most famous for play Charlotte York’s dream male on Sex and the City. Although take care of Goldenblatt doesn’t seem favor he’d it is in a an excellent fit for the posh Charlotte, it transforms out appearances space not that essential in a long term relationship. 

In fact, Charlotte and Harry are most likely a better couple than Mr. Large and Carrie. Back Carrie is the key character the the show, and fans waited a decade to watch her finally get along with Mr. Big, their relationship was always rocky. Mr. Huge dumped Carrie on much more than one occasion, when Harry and also Charlotte were constantly there for one another, v thick and thin. Evan Handler will be earlier forAnd just like That,the newSex and the Cityreboot. It’s uncertain if chris Noth, the actor who plays Mr. Big, will be returning. If the doesn’t, it may not be a big loss. As long as Charlotte and Harry room still together, fans can think in love.

Evan and also Chelsea are not related 

Both Chelsea and Evan Handler are stars, and they have actually the very same last name. Yet according come a Wired video clip with Chelsea Handler, the two room not related. 

In the video, Chelsea Handler is discussing the most googled questions around herself. The number one concern is “Is Evan Handler related to Chelsea Handler?” Chelsea states that they space not related, however even she wasn’t sure at one point. Follow to Chelsea Handler, she had actually to questioning Evan Handler if the two were related. “I asked the the same precise thing, and also he’s not regarded me, or therefore he says.” 

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