I yes, really love the Christmas season, family gatherings, and cooking increase yummy things to eat, and I especially love when I obtain inspired, and also making eggnog syrup from Evan William’s initial Southern Eggnog was, well, deliciously inspired! If you have ever tried this warm, festive beverage, you’ll know what ns mean. It takes pure maple syrup to a whole brand-new level. If you uncover that you like this recipe, friend may additionally want to shot my GF-DF Lemon Blueberry sweden pancakes or French Crepes v caramel to apologize compote, both which satisfy any allergist lacking their favourite breakfast items.

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Kentucky Bourbon Eggnog is a perfect addition to maple syrup.

The holiday’s have a propensity to carry out the baking, cooking, and ‘love me some morning breakfast’, specifically on the weekends. Mine youngest son and his girlfriend come for a visit this weekend, so when I discussed I would certainly be make pancakes through Southern Eggnog Syrup, they were both the end of your beds as quickly as the smells began wafting down the hallway.

This handheld pancake contraption helps the pancakes come out in a uniform size.

Our other son gained married this past summer and also we had actually a full weekend the events, consisting of a pancake feed for over 100 guests the morning of the wedding! mine husband, who was the pancake chief extraordinaire, determined a pancake pour would certainly be a good investment. He to be right, and also now I have it to use at home; a bonus particularly if you are making little dollar dimension pancakes. The helps save them close come the very same size, i beg your pardon is desired when stacking.

Wait because that the bubble before you upper and lower reversal the pancake!

Remember to always wait because that the edge to slightly dry and bubbles to form in the middle of the pancake prior to flipping the over. Otherwise, the is too straightforward to have actually the batter sling throughout the skillet. I love crispy little edges on the outside of mine pancake. In stimulate to attain this, you must have a hot skillet that has been coated in oil. As soon as the skillet has actually reached high heat, you may turn it down to tool high if you space noticing her pancakes browning as well much prior to the balloon form.


Directions because that Gluten-free Pancakes with southern Eggnog Syrup:

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step 1
In a huge mixing bowl add rice flour, potato starch, tapioca starch, sweet rice flour, and also baking soda. Blend until fully incorporated.
action 2
In a separate tiny bowl integrate melted butter, egg, milk, and also eggnog. Stir until fully blended then include to flour mixture. Beat over tool speed because that 3 minutes.
action 3
Heat griddle on hello heat and also coat griddle with a tiny amount the oil. Uniformly ar batter top top griddle forming tiny circles. Cook until bubble slightly form then flip. Stack pancakes on peak of each other and serve hot.

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step 4
In a little saucepan add pure maple syrup, butter and also Evan William"s Kentucky Bourbon Eggnog. Heat to just prior to boiling. Remove from heat and serve over hot pancakes.