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You room pregnant and are overjoyed through the prospect of becoming a parent. Maintaining yourself healthy and balanced for your brand-new baby need to be high on your list of priorities. Yet now you have so many questions, what can you eat? What can’t friend eat? can you drink coffee? What about soda pop?

The inquiry we are going come answer below is even if it is or not you have the right to drink Sprite if pregnant.

In A Nutshell

Yes, you deserve to drink Sprite when you’re pregnant there is no adversely influence the health of either her baby or you. Yet like countless other things, you have to do this in moderation because consuming big quantities of any type of beverage can have an influence on both yourself and also your baby.

Factors come Consider

You have numerous factors to think about when deciding on even if it is or no the amount of Sprite or any kind of other carbonated drink is useful to your baby and also you. The is, besides simply curbing a craving the you have actually at that minute in time.

Knowing the truth can aid you better understand the process your human body is walk through and also also assist you to make the ideal decisions best from the start.



Before you ended up being pregnant, caffeine was more than likely your go-to pick me increase after a lengthy day or beforehand morning. You never questioned exactly how much caffeine friend were in reality consuming. Unfortunately, when pregnant, this is something you have to consider carefully and also even limit if you space going method over the recommended daily allowance.

Studies have presented that there is a link in between the quantity of caffeine consumed during pregnancy and higher instances that miscarriage, delay conception, and also even bear defects. Numerous of these studies have created conflicting conclusions that administer no definite answer to exactly how much caffeine is safe and also sensible to consume during pregnancy.

With this in mind, the in march of Dimes states that pregnant women need to limit your caffeine intake to less than 200 mg every day.

A substantial plus for Sprite is the it includes no caffeine so that does not contribute to your day-to-day caffeine intake, yet this go not median it can be consumed there is no restriction.

Artificial Sweeteners

You might think that opting because that the artificially sweetened alternate of her favorite drink is a great option the will get rid of those north calories and huge sugar content. Unfortunately, the is no the case. Those man-made sweeteners attitude their very own health concerns for pregnant females such as preterm labor.

A research of 60,000 pregnant Danish women found that those women that consumed simply one serving of artificially sweetened carbonated drink per day to be 38% more likely to offer birth before 37 weeks (preterm labor) and also those who consumed four servings every day were 78% much more likely to give birth prematurely.


Many pregnant ladies crave high sugar, carbonated drinks as soon as they space pregnant. Cravings room still a bit of a mystery. The factors why pregnant ladies crave specific foods and also drinks such together cakes, candy, or fizzy drinks might be as result of a huge hormonal change that occurs during the first and 2nd trimesters.

There is a id that says craving sweet things during your pregnancy method you room carrying a infant girl. If you space craving braided or tart snacks climate you are carrying a boy.

I’m not certain there is any kind of truth in this and there have absolutely not been any type of conclusive research studies to prove the what foods items or drinks you crave is precise predictor the the sex of her unborn child.


Heartburn throughout pregnancy is a really common occurrence. It normally affects most women in the 3rd trimester of your pregnancy. Rennie has stated that that affects as countless as 72% during that 3rd trimester.

According to Rennie, the symptoms of heartburn during pregnancy are:

pain behind the ribsa node stomacha burn sensation in your chest or neck after eatinga hot sour or salty-tasting fluid in the back of her throatdifficulty swallowing

Unfortunately, over there is no means to ensure the you will certainly not endure from heartburn throughout your pregnancy. What friend eat and drink will certainly play a huge part in exactly how severe and also frequent the is.

Drinking carbonated or fizzy drinks towards the finish of her pregnancy, when you are specifically sensitive, can reason severe heartburn and also indigestion. The is a combination of the carbonated water and also sugar that is most likely to worsen her heartburn.

Safe Alternatives

There are countless safer options than fizzy drink while you are pregnant. Over there is water, i m sorry helps her body absorb essential nutrients from her food. The is this nutrient-rich blood cells the essentially assist to feed and also nourish your baby.

There are likewise no calorie or sugar in water so the is one way to protect against those concerns during her pregnancy. Yet like myself, plenty of women uncover plain water very boring.

Other choices such as low-fat milk contribute to the 1000 milligrams that calcium that you require every day while you room pregnant. Although there are numerous other means to gain the calcium that you require, milk is just one of the finest with 300 milligrams in one eight-ounce glass.

If you are unable to drink dairy, you could always shot fortified soy milk. That is a an excellent alternative and also has around the exact same amount of protein as dairy milk and also is calcium-fortified.

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Another an excellent alternative is ginger tea, drink it hot or iced. That may additionally come with some added benefits. Research studies have displayed that ginger have the right to be an excellent for soothing nausea associated with morning sickness.