K-Y Warming Jelly an individual lubricant creates a tenderness warming emotion on contact and helps to improve intimacy and protect versus the uncomfortable of vaginal dryness because that women during sex.

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medically reviewed through Dr. Lauren Brim
K-Y Warming Jelly – woman Enhancement

Being a water-based product, it has a thick consistency and a propensity to dry out throughout use however it can be reactivated by the application of water or saliva.

The gel does no contain any type of spermicidal and therefore, has no problems when trying to conceive. It does no produce any stain and it is straightforward to clean ~ use because of its gentle nongreasy formula.

Manufacturer’s product description indicates the the gelatin is hygienic and has a well balanced pH <1>.

K-Y is among the most effective gels because it reasons a warming sensation on the genitals instantly when applied. The product consists of no smell and it is alcohol-free, which makes it a safe and also ideal sexual lubricant.

Among the ingredients had in this gel contains propylene glycol, i beg your pardon is frequently included in lubricants because of its viscosity, polyethylene glycol is a typical lubricant, and also hydroxypropyl cellulose is offered as a thickening agent in the foods production industry and also can also duty as a lubricant.

In addition, Tocopherol is an antioxidant nutrient the protects cells and also tissues from damages by totally free radicals generated by chemicals and oxidized fats. K-Y Warming gel is pack in basic to squeeze, simple to use, and also hygienic tube.

How K-Y Warming Gel improve Female Orgasm?

K-Y Warming gelatin creates a gentle warming sensation once in contact, which help to boost sensitivity. That ingredients and also their formulation cause exothermic impacts when in call with the skin.

This effect, in turn, causes the warming sensation when applied to the genitals. The warming sensation arouses the countless nerve endings approximately the genital parts thus reducing the amount of time required to with orgasm.

This, in turn, results in enhanced blood circulation to the genital parts thereby speeding up the procedure of attaining orgasm. K-Y outcomes are spontaneous, intimate and also protect versus discomfort during sexual intercourse as result of its vaginal lubrication attribute <2>.

K-Y Warming gel Ingredients – room they safe & Effective?

Propylene Glycol

This is a artificial organic link that gives orgasmic arousal and additionally provides a runny gel-like feel.

Polyethylene Glycol-8

Provides a warming sensation because that women throughout the sex-related act.


Boosts libido.


What space the advantages of K-Y Warming Gel?

May boost intimacy throughout sexual activity.For women, it may assist in easing vaginal dryness throughout sex.During contact, it gives a warming sensation. This boosts mutual enjoyment feelings.May boost the flow of blood to the genital areas. This speeds up orgasm attaining process.

K-Y Warming Jelly Questions and also Answers

Q: Where can you purchase K-Y Warming Jelly?

A: You can buy K-Y Warming Jelly indigenous its main website.

Q: how much go K-Y Warming Jelly cost?

A: The expense of K-Y Warming Jelly is $7.95.

Q: Is K-Y Warming Gel good for anal sex?

A: Let’s get this the end the way: anal sex isn’t for everyone. Once it involves lube, store things basic and always ensure girlfriend wear a condom. As the opened of the anus often tends to be very tight, a lubricant that functions a long-lasting formula like K-Y True feel Premium Silicone Lube can be ideal.

Q: Is K-Y Jelly efficient even ~ the expiration date?

A: Yes. Like every product, an individual lubricants also have a shelf life. According to data indigenous the Food and Drug administration (FDA), the shelf life that lube is approximately one to 3 years. Part lubricants do have a sell-by date or expiry date on the packaging.

Q: What space the comparable Products to K-Y Warming Jelly?

A: The similar products come K-Y Warming Jelly incorporate Clit Sensitizer Gel, Female climax Cream and also Libitrinex.

Q: whereby to to buy K-Y Warming Jelly?

A: ‘K-Y Warming Jelly’ deserve to be purchased through their main WebSite.

K-Y Warming Gel testimonial – final Verdict

K-Y Warming Gel includes patented ingredients and a distinctive formulation that works. It is just one of the female enhancement assets that deliver its purpose once talking in valuable terms. The preferable amount is applied to the intimate areas and also may be reapplied as desired by an individual.

K-Y Warming is packaged in a safe and also easy to usage tube. Friend can easily open it through one hand and also snap the lid close ~ application. The gel can be applied to the inside and also the outside of the condom surface. Use this gelatin as instructed for the appropriate result.

If the gelatin causes any irritation or discomfort, discontinue that is use and seek clinical advice from a medical professional or your reproductive health and wellness services provider. Remember, K-Y is no a contraceptive and also does no contain any type of spermicidal properties. Therefore, you should care for your security when having actually sex.

K-Y Gel also requires care and also should be stored in ~ room temperature. It have to be preserved out the the reach of children and should not come in call with eyes and also ears.

Always think about your safety as soon as using any kind of of the female improvement products since there room health problems such together heart diseases and also high blood push conditions, which won’t enable you to use such gels also if they’re meant for topical applications.

K-Y Warming gelatin is a for sure product to usage for improving sexual intimacy. It has actually relatively couple of side results for hypersensitive individuals. Back this is the case, K-Y Warming gelatin is precious it in both performance and also safety. The gel has undergone considerable studies and field tests. The research results constantly agree through the manufacturer’s descriptions.

Expert evaluate applaud it for its performance and also positive customer results and responses. K-Y has not remained in the sector for a lengthy time, but its outcomes are what women have been feather for.

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Therefore, you have actually a factor to shot it and join various other women that have found it precious to boost their sexual intimacy. However, us still introduce you to search for an ext products online prior to settling because that this one.