Fast food giant McDonald"s "golden arches" logo design will it is in trumped by the blue and white the Israel"s flag ~ the hamburger chain bowed to press from Tel Aviv"s chief rabbi Israel Meir Lau to identify its kosher restaurants. Because that the an initial time, the timeless yellow and also red signs have actually been scrapped at 2 branches in Tel Aviv in favor of the McDonald"s name in blue and also white in Hebrew, with words "kosher" alongside. The adjust is supposed to it is in made in ~ ten various other branches that the Jewish spiritual authorities have provided kosher certificates due to the fact that they perform not encompass dairy commodities on your menus. Spiritual law does no permit the mix of meat and dairy commodities in meals.

The redesign is the most radical leave yet indigenous McDonald"s typical logo, which has remained in use because that decades. McDonald"s, which opened its very first kosher restaurant in Israel in 1995, said that the agreement with Rabbi Lau was the "first that its kind in the world", including that "the kosher certificate was denied since Israeli rabbis fear a confusion in the public in between kosher and non-kosher, so we agreed top top this background shade that would be easily identified." McDonald"s has 120 restaurants in Israel, of i m sorry a dozen have kosher certificates for preparing food in accordance with spiritual law and also for closing on the Sabbath and religious holidays. The chain claims it currently uses kosher beef, potatoes, buns and milkshake mix in all its restaurants in Israel.

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