Almost every the programming languages space bonded v null. There is solid a programmer, that is not troubled by null.In Java, null is associated java.lang.NullPointerException. Together it is a course in java.lang package, it is referred to as when we try to do some operations through or there is no null and sometimes we don’t also know wherein it has happened.Below room some necessary points about null in java which every Java programmer have to know:
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1. Null is situation sensitive: null is literal in Java and also because keywords are case-sensitive in java, we can’t create NULL or 0 as in C language.

5: error: cannot find symbol can"t find symbol "NULL" ^ change NULL class Test1 error 2. Reference Variable value: any reference variable in Java has actually default worth null.
Output:Value of thing obj is : null 3. Form of null: Unlike usual misconception, null is not Object or no a type. It’s just a special value, which deserve to be assigned to any kind of reference form and friend can type cast null to any typeExamples: // null deserve to be assigned come String String woman = null; // you have the right to assign null to Integer also Integer itr = null; // null can additionally be assigned to dual Double dbl = null; // null can be kind cast to String wire myStr = (String) null; // the can additionally be kind casted come Integer integer myItr = (Integer) null; // correctly it"s possible, no error double myDbl = (Double) null; 4. Autoboxing and unboxing : during auto-boxing and also unboxing operations, compiler simply throws Nullpointer exception error if a null worth is assigned come primitive boxed data type.
Output: exemption in subject "main" java.lang.NullPointerException in ~ Test.main( 5. Instanceof operator: The java instanceof operator is used to test whether the thing is an instance of the specified kind (class or subclass or interface). At operation time, the result of the instanceof operator is true if the worth of the Expression is no null.This is crucial property of instanceof procedure which renders it useful for form casting checks.
Output:false true6. Static vs Non revolution Methods: us cannot speak to a non-static technique on a reference variable v null value, it will throw NullPointerException, yet we can call static technique with reference variables through null values. Due to the fact that static methods are bonded making use of static binding, they won’t throw Null pointer Exception.
Output:static method, deserve to be referred to as by null referenceException in object "main" java.lang.NullPointerException in ~ Test.main( 7. == and != The comparison and also not same to operator are permitted with null in Java. This deserve to made helpful in checking of null with objects in java.

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