hello guys just registered, ns am looking to buy a nissan 350z automatic, I simply wanted to ask first on exactly how they perform and also how good they are, and also anything else ns should know - many thanks alot !



best person to asking is marzman. He had actually one for fairly a while

Hi mate, mines semi auto and i think its great. Im certain some world will shot and tell friend otherwise yet ill bet half of them have actually not even driven an auto 350z. Iv driven both and also took the auto, i drive it in "manual" a lot but its comfortable to pop into auto in web traffic or in my case to drink miscellaneous gym supplements without extending the car trying to change gear. I find the gear changes quick and with my throttle controller exceptionally responsive. Iv taken my car approximately the track, drifting and 1/4 mile (beating an rx7 turbo) and also its took it all in its stride. Any kind of questions, fire away.

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yoyo59 0

Posted April 26, 2011


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Posted April 26, 2011

i didn"t know they go semi auto ns don"t think i"ve checked out them.. However maybe the automatics are semi auto? or is over there manual, semi automatic and also full automatic? go anyone know? thanks

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Posted April 26, 2011


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Posted April 26, 2011

The autos space semi auto due to the fact that you can have hands-on gear changes by tapping the equipment stick forward or aft. Uneven some, you deserve to actually leave it in gear and also bounce off the rev limiter without transforming up automatically-hence you need to manally adjust up.

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Keyser 5,220

Posted April 26, 2011


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Posted April 26, 2011

Hi yoyo59 Welcome


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marzman 847

Posted April 26, 2011


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Posted April 26, 2011


best human being to ask is marzman. He had actually one for rather a while



Thanks Mike.


Welcome Yoyo...


Yes, i had an Auto because that 2.5 years, and i love it. I"ve now got a manual, i beg your pardon is also excellent yet totally different.


All Auto"s space in fact Semi Auto, or "Tiptronic" together its known. They have actually 5 gears, however you just select "Drive" and it will use all gears indigenous there. Yet if you press the gearstick to the left you get in tiptronic mode, and also then pushing back or forwards top top the stick transforms gear for you. There is about a 1 second hold-up when law this.

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Speed wise, the Auto"s are just as quick as the hands-on in my opinion, although friend do shed some the the funny as friend cant readjust down and match the revs hoe & toe layout with the auto...


If you carry out a most driving and sit in traffic jams, then the auto is great option. They"re an extremely reliable as well - i"ve just read the 1 fail in numerous years top top here... Compared to a lot og clutch/gearboxes top top the hands-on cars...



Lastly, you most likely allready know this but all Auto"s room imports, however there"s nothing wrong through that.