Is root 3 an irrational number? numbers that can be stood for as the ratio of 2 integers are known as reasonable numbers, conversely, numbers the cannot be represented in the form of a ratio or otherwise, those number that can be written as a decimal v non-terminating and non-repeating number after the decimal allude are known as irrational numbers. The square root of 3 is irrational. It cannot be simplified further in its radical kind and therefore it is thought about as a surd. Now let united state take a look at the thorough discussion and prove that root 3 is irrational.

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1.Root 3 is an Irrational Number
2.Prove that Root 3 is Irrational through Contradiction Method
3.Prove that Root 3 is Irrational by Long division Method
4.Solved Examples
5.FAQs on source 3 is Irrational Number

Prove that Root 3 is Irrational Number

Prove that Root 3 is Irrational through Contradiction Method

There are plenty of ways in i m sorry we can prove the source of 3 is irrational by contradiction. Permit us acquire one together proof.

Given: Number 3

To Prove: root 3 is irrational


Let us assume the contrary the root 3 is rational. Then √3 = p/q, where p, q are the integers i.e., p, q ∈ Z and also co-primes, i.e., GCD (p,q) = 1.

√3 = p/q

⇒ ns = √3 q

By squaring both sides, we get,

p2 = 3q2 

p2 / 3 = q2 ------- (1)

(1) mirrors that 3 is a variable of p. (Since we understand that by theorem, if a is a element number and if a divides p2, then a divides p, whereby a is a optimistic integer)

Here 3 is the prime number the divides p2, then 3 divides p and thus 3 is a element of p.

Since 3 is a aspect of p, we can write p = 3c (where c is a constant). Substituting ns = 3c in (1), we get,

(3c)2 / 3 = q2

9c2/3 = q2 

3c2  = q2 

c2  = q2 /3 ------- (2)

Hence 3 is a variable of q (from 2)

Equation 1 reflects 3 is a aspect of p and also Equation 2 reflects that 3 is a variable of q. This is the contradiction come our presumption that p and q are co-primes. So, √3 is no a rational number. Therefore, the root that 3 is irrational.

Prove the Root 3 is Irrational through Long division Method

The irrational numbers space non-terminating decimals and this deserve to be confirmed in the instance of source 3 as well. Divide 3 using the long department algorithm.


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Example 1: Ana desires to prove that √48 is an irrational number. Can you usage the reality that the square source of 3 is irrational to prove it?Solution:

Let us do the element factorization that 48.

48 = 2 × 2 × 2 × 2 × 3 

Adding square root on both sides, we get

√48 = √(24 × 3) = √(2 × 2 × 2 × 2 × 3) 

= √(16 × 3)

= 4 √3

Since √3 cannot be simplified any type of further and the numbers after the decimal point are non-terminating, 48 = 4 √3 is irrational. Thus proved.

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How execute you Prove the Root 3 is Irrational?

Root 3 is irrational is verified by the method of contradiction. If root 3 is a rational number, climate it must be stood for as a ratio of 2 integers. We can prove that we cannot stand for root is as p/q and also therefore the is one irrational number. 

Is 2 time the square source of 3 Irrational?

How come Prove source 3 is Irrational by Contradiction?

Let united state assume, to the contrary, that root 3 is rational. That is, we can discover co primes p and also q where q ≠ 0, such the √3 = p/q. Rewriting, we acquire √3q = p. Squaring top top both sides, we gain the equation 3q2 = p2. Hence p2 is divisible by 3, and so p is likewise divisible through 3. Thus we have the right to write p = 3c for some integer c. Substituting ns = 3c in ours equation, we acquire 3q2 = 9c2 ⇒ q2 =3c2 . This mirrors q is additionally divisible by 3. For this reason p and also q have actually at least 3 as a usual factor. However this contradicts our presumption that p and q room co-primes. Therefore, our assumption was wrong, and root 3 is one irrational number.

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How to Prove that 1 by root 3 is irrational?

1 by source 3 can be rationalized as, \(\dfrac1√3 \times \dfrac√3√3 = \dfrac√33\). Now, we understand that the product the a rational and an irrational number is constantly irrational. Here, 1/3 is a reasonable number and also √3 is an irrational number. Therefore, it is verified that 1 by root 3 is irrational.