Is there a rule, which states that one need to or need to not use comma prior to "then" in a sentence prefer this: If you have the right to read this, then you could want come answer this question.

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Use comma in the sentence.

This is the general recommendation for sentences through a dependent clause complied with by an independent clause. In your sentence:

Dependent clause: If you can read this

Independent clause: you can want come answer this question.

From the Wikipedia page on Commas:

In, a comma is generally used to separate a dependent i from the independent i if the dependent clause comes first: After ns brushed the cat, ns lint-rollered mine clothes. (Compare ns lint-rollered my garments after i brushed the cat.)

Note that it doesn"t average that the is wrong to not use comma in this case. As noted by the same page:

While countless style guides contact for commas, many authors omit them, particularly with quick sentences.

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I didn"t uncover some main rule, but, indigenous this thread, if you are:

making some type of list (when 2 actions room sequential because that instance)using "then" through the meaning of "as a result/in the case",

, climate you require a comma.

If you have the right to read this, then you can want come answer this question. (sequence)

"Sir, ssshh -- there"s no talk in the library." "Oh. I"ll be quiet, then." (or) "Oh. Then, I"ll it is in quiet." (consequence)

Basically, except "then" as "an indication of time", a comma need to be offered in front of it.

"I to be going come the library to uncover that book. I will read it then"

Other usages are mentioned in this thread:

As a filler, comma before and after: Well, then, what carry out you propose we do?

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The answer, that you should use a comma in this sentence, originates from the use of "if." In fact, through the use of "if" friend don"t also need "then."

If you can read this, you could want come answer this question.

The comma below is required, and correct, since of the dependent clause "If you have the right to read this." words "then" is one adverb that simply happens to show up after the comma that was prompted by the use of "If."

Now, if girlfriend did not have a dependent clause triggering the need for a comma, you would not insert a comma before "then." because that example:

I picked up mine paycheck climate paid my bills.

This is why many people nearly instinctively include "and" prior to "then" to enable the use of a comma in between two live independence clauses. For example:

I picked up my paycheck, and then I started to pay my bills.

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A comma is crucial in a compound sentence. When there is a subject and a predicate on both sides of the conjunction.Examples: i clean the rooms top top Thursday, and I rake the garden top top Friday. Ns clean the rooms top top Thursday and rake the garden ~ above Friday. Over there is no comma in the 2nd sentence because it lacks a topic for the second component of the sentence. The verb "clean" and also "rake" share the subject, "I."

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