Key Difference: Vaseline is a kind of petroleum jelly supplied for various purposes such together lotion, cleanser, lubricant, etc. On the other hand, a petroleum jelly is a lucid jelly that is composed of a mixture that hydrocarbons, i m sorry is supplied as a lubricant or ointment.

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Vaseline is among the most popular family members products. It used by many people for different purposes such together skin protectant, lotions, for cleansing, etc. Vaseline is a petroleum jelly based product i beg your pardon is a brand name by unilever (an Anglo-Dutch Company). Vaseline is together a brand that has a list of many products. Lotions, skin creams, plain petroleum jelly, cleanser, soaps and shampoos are the commodities named under Vaseline.

Petroleum jelly is acquired from petroleum and also is the mixture that non-polar hydrocarbons i beg your pardon is renowned for heal the skin and has an healthy impact on the person skin. It is a semi-solid product and is well-known due to the fact that last century as an ointment.

Robert Cheesebrough very first developed the petroleum jelly in the year 1859. After ~ noticing the positive impact of the jelly ~ above skin, consisting of healing boy cuts and burns, he started marketing the product together Vaseline. His company,theChesebrough manufacturing Companyproduced and soldVaseline until 1987, after i beg your pardon the company and every one of its brand were obtained by Unilever.

Vaseline petroleum jelly is among the least expensive and the most versatile assets available. It is an extremely famous for skin care and also cosmetic products.

Comparison in between Vaseline and Petroleum Jelly:


Petroleum Jelly


Vaseline is a kind of petroleum jelly offered as one ointment and also lubricant.

A translucent jelly consist of of a mixture the hydrocarbons, offered as a lubricant or ointment.

Inventor / introduced by

Robert Cheesebrough

Robert Cheesebrough




Made of

It is made of pure petroleum jelly blended with minerals and also microcrystalline wax that make the smoother.

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It is make of translucent, semi-solid mix of hydrocarbons.


Lavender oil or baby powder

Oil and also gas, because it is extracted from actual petroleum


Soften dry and also cracked elbowsHelp her perfume/scent stick about for long timeLip balmMoisturizerAvoid rashesMakeup removerPrevent lids because that stickingEnhances hairRemove stainsDry lips or chapped lipsFor babies, diaper rash have the right to be preventedFor loud doors, it deserve to silence themProtecting scrapesProtecting cutsThe jelly itself creates a obstacle to store air, bacteria and water the end of the wound so the it might heal.Removes makeup

Sold in market