«Charmed» series, broadcast by The WB TV channel (USA) more than because that 8 years (between 1998 and 2006), to be directed by Constance M. Burge. The given project was very successful and also stayed on top because that a long time.

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It have to be stated that the show includes eight seasons and also 179 episodes produced and also aired in the USA. Licensed DVD-disks with few of the present seasons to be sold almost everywhere the world. Among the many popular worries on the net forums was the manufacturing of «Charmed» Season 9. Yet the release date won’t be announced because the series is officially cancelled ~ the eighth season!

However part fans believe that the ninth season will it is in produced soon but unfortunately their dreams won’t come true. There space a lot of such human being as evidenced by the truth that the variety of the last episode viewers price to 4.5 million only in the USA.

UPDATE 1 (Jan.25, 2019): good news! The CW officially ordered the Charmed reboot to pilot.

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Teresa S.

I Love Charmed and I’m looking forward to the return !!!

06.04.2013 · answer



Well Season 9 that charmed is airing atm in Australia on one of our cost-free to wait channels and also I’m loving every minute that it. The new cast member is Kelly (from big Bang) and so much I’ve watch 5 eps, not too certain if i missed the very very first one but was easy sufficient to capture up together they choose up virtually right where Season 8 finished. I’m hoping the there will additionally be a Season 10, you have the right to tell that it was made every those years ago as us know have a large screen digital TV and also it must have been created an old square analogue TV as it’s still showing in a square box. This yet does no detract indigenous the display at all. Vast Charmed fan and was for sure ecstatic when I stumbled across it critical Sunday at having lunch time.