Travelling the world and hanging out v A-list stars such together Rihanna, will certainly Smith, Jackie Chan and also Hugh Jackman is every in a day’s job-related for Titan the Ro


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Demand for his solutions is at an all-time high and he sparks a society media and YouTube frenzy where he captured up through Nik Fielding, Titan’s creator and founder the UK-based Cyberstein Robots Ltd., to discover out wherein his drive and inspiration came from.

It all started with RoboCop

“As a child, ns was always slightly obsessed through anything to carry out with room and scientific research fiction and also one of mine earliest childhood memories was watching the Apollo moon landings”, states Fielding.

He love the great science fiction movies of the 70s and also 80s such as Star Wars and Terminator. But, the film that really kick-started his love the robots was RoboCop. Everyone who has actually seen this film will remember the fearsome ED209.

“After see RoboCop, ns became very interested in the design and making that movie props,” explains Fielding. “Thinking I can do better, I in reality made my very own Robocop outfit and then, believe it or not, a life-sized version of ED209 with all moving joints.”

(ED209 quiet stands proudly in the corner of Cyberstein’s workshop.)

Fielding never ever fulfilled his dream to occupational for George Lucas. Instead, he became an engineer and ran a effective classic auto restoration business, until he started to suffer allergies to repaint fumes.

A brand-new direction was needed and it was just then the Fielding’s imaginative flair and his design background came with each other in the design and building that Titan the Robot.

Titan the Robot, a synergy between art and engineering

There were a pair of precursors to Titan, the many successful the which was Cyberstein (the robot). As soon as a nationwide newspaper printed a story about Fielding and Cyberstein, he received a phone speak to from PR guru, PY Gerbeau, that asked him come come and work at the Millennium Dome in 2000.

“It was an significant year in ~ the Millennium Dome, ” remembers Fielding.

“As well together performing every day, ns had decided it to be time come take points to an additional level and also I invested every spare minute designing what to be to become Titan. I had actually no idea at the time it to be going to take an additional three and also a fifty percent years come compete…”


Titan the Robot eventually arised onto the human being stage in 2004. The an initial event that performed at to be Glastonbury Music & arts Festival.

“It was a entirely life an altering experience seeing Titan do for the very first time – my own fully unique design, developed entirely by my very own hands.

“It was one of those eureka moments, as soon as you suddenly see your entirety future ahead of you and also it every looks very exciting!” claims Fielding.

“But, I could never have actually foreseen that in simply a couple of years’ time I would certainly be getting flown the end to Hollywood to work-related with Rihanna!”

Titan the Robot, the next generation

To the untrained eye, the Titan you view today may look very similar to the Titan native 2004. But, according to Fielding, castle really room a civilization apart. In fact, the Titan from 2004 doesn’t even exist anymore.

Cyberstein Robots has actually invested heavily in its future, ploughing a major share that the profits back into the company.

“We now have actually seven Titans and employ several staff who space the best in their field. We freshly headhunted an digital engineer who has helped re-engineer Titan from the ground up. I have the right to only describe him as a genius.”


In the summer the 2016, Cyberstein Robots moved right into a brand new state-of-the-art business breakthrough with a brand-new workshop and office infrastructure that will watch the firm well into the future. Because the move, Cyberstein has developed two brand-new ‘next generation’ robots and also is currently fifty percent way v a programme upgrading all the various other Titans to this new system.

“One the the biggest advances within our company was as soon as we began working with a very well-known TV voiceover artist. He now voices every one of Titan’s dialogue. He has offered Titan a character and a wisecracking wit that has actually taken our show to a whole brand-new level.”


The combination of the brand-new electronics system and working very closely with the voiceover artist has actually made that much simpler to customise Titan for clients.

“We have the right to now develop scripts and bespoke dialogue because that Titan. That can give seminar speeches, product demonstrations or advancement videos etc. In fact, the only thing that borders what we deserve to do this days is the client’s imagination.”

Bespoke dialogue because that Titan and also the use of branding panels ~ above the robot has actually led come a large increase in events within the corporate sector, from company seminars come trade reflects as far afield in ~ Vietnam. The reality that Titan’s dialogue deserve to be taped in any language has additionally helped secure more events worldwide.

Titan the Robot, the society media sensation

An eight foot tall robot is plainly a gift for social media. Titan’s appearances routinely produce a storm on society media with photos and also videos post on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc. There room tens of countless videos special the robot top top YouTube and untold millions top top Facebook.

Cyberstein Robots has actually started working more closely through its clients to take benefit of this free advertising come publicise events and products, while structure on Titan’s social media visibility at the same time.

“Titan has a huge following and also can really help increase footfall and also revenue at events, ” claims Fielding. “But, if we can additionally direct some of this interest to the clients’ social media pages, it’s an included bonus.”

Cyberstein Robots – the future

Fielding stays a an extremely driven person and also there shows up to it is in no let-up in his passion for brand-new projects. He has actually been working on a new robot for the past 5 years which is rapidly moving towards completion.

At present, he continues to be somewhat tight-lipped about this new creation:

“I simply don’t want to say as well much about him, personal from that he is very different from Titan and he will certainly be here in 2017….”

Going forward, Cyberstein is spring to develop on its visibility on the worldwide stage in creating innovative and futuristic entertainment. The company already has a Titan based in the center East and is in discussions with other territories worldwide. A professional crew flies out indigenous the UK to operate the robot at each event.

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“It doesn’t issue how countless videos you watch of online. There is tho nothing that will prepare you because that coming face-to-face v Titan in genuine life; eight foot tall, loud and also in your face, ” states Fielding. “It’s an suffer that world don’t forget in a hurry.

“That’s the USP, ” that adds. “There’s nothing out there the comes close to Titan.”