Introduction: Watermelon is a juicy bite fruit, as big size & shapes, but likewise rich in quality. Watermelon is get an impression in end 96 countries global . In China and also Japan that is popular gift to lug a host. In Israel and Egypt ,the sweet taste of watermelon is regularly paired v the braided taste the feta cheese.

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Why us eat(Function):Watermelon is suitable food as because it hasn’t contain any kind of fat or cholesterol and resource of vitamin A,B6 & C; Potassium,Leukopin , Carotenoid and also a small variety of calories. Watermelon helps save the heart, kidney healthy and also reduce the hazard of hit stroke by keeping the human body cool. In some societies it is popular to bake the seeds and then eat them.

Function of watermelon.jpgHowever, It has actually a turning back side effect to take watermelon more or in wrong time . Particularly intake watermelon at night increases health risk.

when & why execute not intake Watermelon:

Watermelon is not conveniently digested and also does not help to digest . So play watermelon can be one Irritable Bowel Syndrome in ~ night or the stomach may obtain worse in the morning. Beside thatVarious side impacts of drinking watermelon at night are:

Weight gain:There is a lot of natural sugar in watermelon. Together a result, playing watermelon at night is most likely to increase weight.Repeated urine:Because the the diversity of water (92%)in the watermelon, urine have the right to be repeated overnight. As a result sleep disturbed. This renders you feel worn down the following day.

Constipation Problems:Ayurveda additionally forbids eating any kind of fruit or watermelon in ~ night. Diarrhea may additionally be caused and even in some cases constipation troubles ararise.Hyperkalemia:If the level of potassium in the blood is more than abnormal, the is referred to as hyperkalemia in medical science. Having actually potassium in watermelon, It will certainly be negative impact of blood by raising potassium level if we take watermelon in ~ night. This outcomes in cardiovascular damage, weak pulse, cardiovascular arrest, abnormal heart rate, nerve and also muscle damage. Together a result, kidneys are additionally damaged.

Intestinal problemsBecause leukopin is current in the watermelon, the plays a an unfavorable role in the body. Together a result, the problem of gas can be increased. Follow to the American Cancer Society, if a human consumes 15 mg that liqueur, double a day, the troubles of your intestines specifically diarrhea, vomiting, indigestion etc.

Diabetes during pregnancy:During pregnancy, amounts of blood street increased as result of the diversity of watermelon. Because of this, pregnant women may have diabetes later on. This can lead to severe abdominal muscle pain and also diarrhea. There is likewise a lot of damages to the stomach"s health. However, if pregnant women want to eat watermelon, they space advised come eat them prior to lunch.

Reduce blood pressure: it help to alleviate blood pressure levels. So if friend are normally suffering from low blood pressure, keep yourself from eat watermelon.

Allergic reaction: Excess lot of watermelon have the right to respond to allergy reactions in body. Decision can reason skin allergic reactions, plenty of problems can occur in the face. It can also be a diarrhea.

Due come the visibility of natural sugar in watermelon, high blood press patients space harmful come eat it. It is why Diabetes patients must avoid this fruit.

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Watrmelon together appetizer

Conclusion: therefore we should take watermelon together fruit juice appetizer in day duration to minimize risk kidney disorder , curing erectile dysfunction, protect eyes native macular degeneration and for repairing damaged organization also.Watermelon grows fine in sandy land specifically in seaside island. Mostly watermelon farming districts the Bangladesh are- Naogan, Barishal, Thakhurgaon, Gopalganj, Gaibandha, Jhenidhah, Jhalkhati, Cox"s bazaar, Vhola, etc. Farmers are an extremely much interested to do the organization as profitable concern.