Artist’s impression of exactly how it may have looked as the Lone Woman gathered water at Old Garden feather on mountain Nicolas Island. Illustration by Michael Ward.

Karana and also the Aleut girl, Tutok, become friends. Tutok visits the cave often if the hunters room on the island.Karana and also Tutok execute not speak the same language, yet they teach each various other their name for various objects and they exchange gifts. Karana accepts the black stone necklace that Tutok leaves for her. Karana renders an abalone disc circlet because that Tutok’s hair.She misses Tutok as soon as the Aleut girl pipeline the island v the hunting group.

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Fact Check: Language

Are the words Karana teaches Tutok actually Nicoleño words? Is it most likely that Karana and Tutok’s word for “pretty” would certainly sound alike? 

What carry out we know?The words that Scott O’Dell has actually Karana share through Tutok space not Nicoleño words. The author invented them. Very small is known around the Nicoleño language due to the fact that there space no created vocabularies and no living speaker of the language. However, over there is a recording of a Chumash man singing a track he learned from an additional Chumash guy who reportedly heard the Lone Woman song in her aboriginal language, and those who knew the Lone mrs in Santa Barbara taped in writing 4 words she speak in Nicoleño. It shows up that the Nicoleño language is linguistically unrelated to any Native Alaskan language. This means it is unlikely that the word for “pretty” would sound comparable in Karana and Tutok’s languages.

What is the evidence?Primary source: hear to the Toki Toki song recorded on a wax cylinder (an early type of a record) by the anthropologist man Peabody Harrington in 1913 and also sung by Fernando Librado. 

Secondary source: research in the language Dr. Pamela Munro analyzes the 4 words reportedly talked by the Lone woman in Voices native the Field.

Fact Check: Language

How walk the Alaska Natives and Nicoleños interact? Did they ever come to be friends and also companions, favor Karana and Tutok?

What execute we know? two Alaska indigenous men live on mountain Nicolas Island because that over a year with the Nicoleños. 

What is the evidence?Primary source: In a deposition (testimony) Ivan Kyglaia, one Alaska Native, described how he and also his girlfriend Philip Atash’sha, an additional Alaska aboriginal man, exchanged information with the Nicoleños when the 2 lived ~ above the island from around 1817–1819.

Voices indigenous the Field

Dr. Pamela Munro, professor of linguistics (emerita), college of California, Los Angeles, discusses the language she believes the indigenous human being on mountain Nicolas Island spoke. 

Photos & Multimedia, MapsHistoric drawing: Sketch that limpet necklace that may have belonged to the Lone Woman, who was also known together Juana María. By J.P. Harrington.Photo: shell ornaments discovered in redwood box caches on san Nicolas Island in 2011. Courtesy of department of Anthropology, California State University, Los Angeles.

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Map: American Indian languages of seaside Southern California. Courtesy the Susan Morris, Steve Schwartz, and also John Johnson.