He smashed his girlfriend's marble table & violated restraining orders. Will jail time rein in MMA fighter Jason "Mayhem" Miller's behavior?


Jason mayhem Miller gets jailtime because that violating a restraining order and smashing a marble table. (Shutterstock Photo)

ORANGE COUNTY, CA — previous mixed martial arts fighter Jason "Mayhem" müller pleaded guilty Thursday and was sentenced to a year in jail for wrecking a big marble table at his girlfriend"s La Habra residence and also violating a protective bespeak to stay away native her, according to court records.

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Miller, 38, pleaded guilty Thursday to a felony count of vandalism and also a misdemeanor counting of violating a safety stay-away order. Miller has remained in custody since his arrest Oct. 19 for smashing the table and punching feet in and removing doors from the home and derailing the garage door, according to prosecutors.

Miller pleaded guilty come beating the very same girlfriend ~ above Sept. 27 the 2017. He was sentenced in Nov. 27, 2017, come 124 days in jail and also released through credit for time served, follow to court records.

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Miller to be arrested again on Jan. 11, 2018, once Miller was discovered to it is in in possession that a bulletproof vest and various other weapons such together nun chucks, various knives, a machete, one axe, a samurai sword and also replica assault weapons, according to a probation officer"s report. Police likewise found human expansion hormone and also various other performance enhancing drugs apparently obtained without a prescription.

Miller, whose progression on probation was characterized as "limited and also disappointing" through the probation officer, dropped the end of a drug and alcohol recovery program. Top top Sept. 23 of critical year, that tested positive for the ingredient in marijuana and various opioids, follow to court records.

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When Miller addressed a litany of legal troubles in 2017, prosecutors stated Miller could challenge up to 21 year in jail if that ran afoul that the law again. Miller embraced a plea bargain from Orange County exceptional Court referee Robert Fitzgerald on April 5, 2017. At the time, he stated he was committed come clearing probation.

"I"m walking to fly right," Miller told reporters then.

At the time, Miller claimed his repetitive contacts with regulation enforcement started after he to be accused of residential violence by one ex-girlfriend. Quickly after the allegations surfaced, he lost his project as an analyst through Fox Sports and couldn"t get any more fights.

"My entire life turned right into a crisis," Miller said reporters in 2017

Fitzgerald sentenced him come 100 job in jail, but he had already accrued credit transaction for time served he did not have to spend any an ext time in custody.

Miller was acquitted ~ above Feb. 1, 2017, of beating increase the former girlfriend, however other charges including his conflicts with legislation enforcement were collection aside at the moment for a separate trial.

In one dispute with Orange county sheriff"s deputies, he was "live- tweeting" the encounter together they do the efforts to serve him with an arrest warrant at his Mission Viejo residence in October 2014.

In July 2016, he obtained into an discussion with two women, among whom slapped him, at the Saddle Ranch Chop residence in the Triangle Square shopping facility in Costa Mesa. The greatly intoxicated Miller, who grabbed the woman who slapped him by the leg, to be detained by a security guard at the restaurant until police arrived, police said.

In January 2016, müller spray-painted graffiti on a wall surface of a now- shuttered tattoo parlor in Lake Forest. That same month, he cranked up the volume the a stereotype in the exact same tattoo parlor, blowing out the speakers, prosecutors said.

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In October 2015, the hurled a ceramic brick at deputies and threatened them v a large fire extinguisher and metal police and also had to it is in subdued with a Taser.In march 2015, that kicked a police officer and spit at another cop in ~ the White residence restaurant in Laguna Beach, prosecutors said.