One the the most popular photo stops throughout our guests’ visit come the Ark conference is the Door. Together we prepare to celebrate Jesus Christ’s death and Resurrection this weekend, learn an ext about this an effective spot within our life-size Noah’s Ark.

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When God called Noah to construct the Ark to make it through the overwhelming he would certainly send upon an exceedingly evil world, the instructed boy name to put one door in the side of the Ark.

... And put the door that the Ark in that side. (Genesis 6:16)

Noah and his family entered the Ark v that one door to be saved from the watery judgment.

Enter the Ark, you and also your totality family, for ns have uncovered you righteous before me in this generation ... Therefore Noah and his sons and his wife and his sons’ wives went into the Ark since of the waters of the Flood. (Genesis 7:1, 7)

Noah and also his family entering the Ark through the door reminds us of the good news the Jesus Christ.

Just as God judged the human being with the Flood, he will judge the again, yet the final judgment will certainly be by fire. We have actually all sinned against our divine Creator and deserve the punish of death. Uneven God forgives united state of ours sins, once we die we will be separated from him forever in what the bible calls the second death (Revelation 20:14).

However, God has noted the means of salvation for us by sending his Son, Jesus Christ, to dice as our instead of on the Cross. Jesus endured the penalty because that our sin and also conquered fatality by increasing from the grave. Every one that asks for his forgiveness and trusts in him will certainly be conserved from the second death and live with him for eternity.

I to be the way, the truth, and also the life. No one concerns the Father other than through Me. (John 14:6)

The Ark’s door reminds us that we need to go v a door to it is in saved. Jesus Christ is our one door come salvation (John 10:9), the “Ark” that saves us indigenous God’s referee for eternity.


Have you inserted your confidence in Christ alone to save you from her sins? If not, we urge you to rotate from your sins (repent) and call the end to God because that his merciful forgiveness. Go into the door that salvation today.

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When friend visit the Ark Encounter, take a snapshot with your family in front of the Ark’s door to maintain this reminder of the prestige of salvation.

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