This is the second article in our collection on Presidential Error Coins, focused on the man Adams Dollar.

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Just favor the Washington $1 coins, the man Adams dollar coins show wealth of edge lettering errors. The an initial errors to surface ar for this worry were doubled edge lettered coins. This error occurs as soon as a coin passes with the edge lettering an equipment twice. These come in 2 variations i m sorry are well-known by NGC:

Overlapped Lettering

Doubled edge lettering v the 2nd set of letters overlapping the first (in various levels from close come far). Since of an are considerations, this is described on the NGC certification brand as DBL.EDG.LET. – OVERLAPPED.

Inverted Lettering

Doubled sheet lettering with the 2nd set of letters inverted end the first. On inverted examples, the 2 sets of edge lettering space in the contrary orientation. One encounters up as soon as the obverse side is up, and the other is upside down. This is defined on the NGC certification label as DBL.EDG.LET. – INVERTED.

Since these coins are fed v the edge lettering an equipment at arbitrarily orientation, the edge lettering will show up randomly (as will certainly the doubling) ~ above the sheet of the coins. This explains why some of the double edge lettering is overlapping and some inverted.

Here room some image of doubled edge lettering. Again, the variety of positioning and orientation of the letter is essentially limitless.

Left: Obverse through exploded edge watch of 2007 P man Adams $1, reflecting overlapped doubled edge lettering.Right: Close increase of overlapped doubled edge lettering. Click photos to enlarge.

Left: Obverse with exploded edge see of 2007 P man Adams $1, showing inverted doubled edge lettering.Right: Close up of edge, showing the inverted doubled edge lettering. Click pictures to enlarge.

Another error the we have seen occurs when a coin has missed the leaf lettering procedure entirely, and also therefore has a empty edge. NGC certifies this Mint Error as lacking EDGE LETTERING.

Left: (2007) man Adams $1 obverse, v exploded sheet view.Right: Close increase of the blank edge. Click pictures to enlarge.

Error in Dies

With the Washington dollars, we saw few of the errors that exist for basically every modern coin type. These encompass errors such as filled dies and rotated dies. Dirt, grease or various other material have the right to adhere to the die throughout minting. The filled portion of the die does no impart information to the win coin. Errors that this type are labeled as OBV win THRU.

Rotated dies deserve to be either minor (within mint tolerance) or major. This error occurs as soon as the die turns throughout striking or as soon as the die is placed improperly right into the coinage press. The Adams dollars has been uncovered with varying degrees of rotation unlike the Washington where, to date, only one variation has actually been seen.

for some examples on the john Adams dollar, this rotation resulted in “medallic” alignment versus the correct, “coin” alignment. Medallic alignment occurs climate the dies room rotated a complete 180 degrees. The illustration listed below shows various varieties of alignment. NGC will certainly designate rotated dies when the rotation is same to or higher than 15 degrees.

John Adams $1, obverse win through. The dies room filled through grease, dirt, or steel particlescausing a significant loss of design. Click picture to enlarge.

A variety of rotated die errors have actually been it is registered to NGC.This illustration describes various kind of rotation. Click picture to enlarge.

This following coin is brand-new to the series. On this coin, the leaf lettering die appears to have been inadvertently laser-etched, making the whole edge the the coin appear frosted or matte-like. At an initial glance, without putting a loop to the coin, the edge appears simply less shiny than common coins. Magnification the the edge of the coin expose the lines connected with laser etching. If NGC is no recognizing this the matte edge john Adams $1 coin at this time, us are at this time investigating it for attribution.

Obverse and also full edge watch ofJohn Adams dissension displaying “matte” edge. Click image to enlarge.

Comparison of “matte” edge v normal edge.The continual coin appears at type, and the frosted version at bottom. Click picture to enlarge.

A close up of the date part of the edge and also parallel linessuggesting laser etching. Click image to enlarge.

Stay tuned for updates and also NGC write-ups on other coins in this series.

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