Unlocking the an enig episode ~ above standard calls for some effort. Just put, complete reports for Terra, Ventus and also Aqua. Win Aqua on vital after beating Terra and Ventus’s story top top any challenge that’s not straightforward mode. Then you will certainly unlock the last Episode on Critical.

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How execute you obtain the secret ending in KH BBS last mix?

In order to check out the an enig ending if also one of your characters’ documents are in Standard setting (given that the various other ones space in Standard, Proud, or Critical), girlfriend must acquire 100% perfect in all of your characters’ journals. This is the identical of attaining 100% completion in the Trinity Archives.

How carry out you unlock the secret ending in BBS last mix?

aid unlocking an enig Ending ~ above BBS last Mix

Completed the game on Proud v Terra, Ventus and Aqua.Stupidly conserved over Terra’s Proud save document straight away once playing Ventus, and also re-played Terra’s story on traditional to perform it more quickly (and to not have to face Terra-nort again on Proud).Obtained every Xehanort Reports and unlocked final Episode.

How perform you obtain the secret ending in KH2 5?

what all carry out I need to do on KH2 final Mix to unlock the an enig ending top top proud mode? You’ll require to complete Jiminy’s Journal and get the gold Crown (which way you need to beat Lingering Will, Replica Datas, and also satisfy Mushroom XIII).

What is the mystery ending in Kingdom hearts 2?

The collection is the an enig ending the Kingdom hearts II; the same scene is recognized as just “Gathering” in Kingdom Hearts birth by Sleep. Sunset Horizons is the item of backing soundtrack used during the video. The hatchet “The Gathering” first appeared in the Deep Dive video.

How perform you unlock the an enig ending in Kingdom mind 2?


To unlock the mystery movie in proud setting beat the video game after locking every the keyholes. You deserve to unlock the an enig ending in Proud mode as with Momo said and also you can likewise unlock that in regular by completing Jiminy’s journal (all mini-games, treasure chests, etc.).

How carry out you gain the an enig ending in kh1?

Beginner Mode: Players can not unlock the mystery ending in this difficulty. Conventional Mode: Players require to discover all 99 Puppies, Seal every Keyhole consisting of 100 Acre Woods, and also finish the game once more. Proud Mode: players will require to end up the Hades Cup and seal every Keyhole and also finish the game once more.

Can you get the secret ending on typical mode?

In traditional Mode, players likewise need to finish the Reports section to unlock the mystery Ending. A fragmentary passage is rather more daunting to unlock.

Is over there a an enig ending kh3?

The number is based on your play challenge and division down prefer this: If you’re playing on Beginner, girlfriend will have to collect all 90 happy Emblems. If you’re on Standard, climate you will need to uncover 60 lucky Emblems. And Proud setting players will only need to collect 30 happy Emblems to accomplish the unlock condition.

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How many lucky emblems execute you need for mystery ending?


How many mystery endings are in kh3?

There space 90 to find, but luckily because that you, we’ve got the place for every one of the Kingdom mind 3 happy emblems.


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