Could you please review/approve/sign, please changed the signed copy.

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 is the most famous phrase ~ above the web.

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Could you please review/approve/sign, please returned the signed copy.

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Some examples from the web:

Could you please speak to chief pope And collection up a meeting, please?Could girlfriend please simply open the gate, please?Could girlfriend please fill these up and also take them down to 407 in the sociology suite, please.Could you please fill these up and take them down to 407 in the sociology suite, please.Could friend please, please not tell Will around this?Could you please, please just leave me alone?On your means out, could friend please, please, take the moment to expedition over your dead daughter"s bicycle?Mr. Batiste, could friend please compose two steps in 4/4 time on the board, please?

Some instances from the web:

Dr. Marshall, please return the page.Please return the medal and also certificate of merit by tomorrow, pleaseSo, if you want to have actually a pep rally, please return the statue to...Car 14, could you please return come the station?So please return the remaining rent.All residents, please return to her rooms.Please return the document to the court.

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Could you you re welcome review/approve/sign and return the signed copy. Or can you you re welcome review/approve/sign, please reverted the signed copy? could you happen the pen or can you please happen the pen? might you you re welcome update us on the progression or might you please update the progress? please clarify or could you you re welcome clarify? would you please open the window or will certainly you please open up the window? can you you re welcome send my or can you you re welcome send me my?

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