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Eddie Feigner was born on in march 25, 1925, in Walla Walla, Washington. That is recognized for placing together a four-man softball team during the 1940s. The team began by traveling roughly the unified States, Canada, and Mexico to play regional softball teams. Lock were referred to as “The King and His Court.”

The softball team was an extremely popular v audiences due to the fact that they performed funny tricks the made the pan laugh. Eventually, they started to travel roughly the world to pat softball. It has actually been approximated the team played end 10,000 softball games in over 100 countries.


The King and also His Court

It all started in 1946. Feigner had been pitching in the environment-friendly Pea league of Walla Walla Valley. That pitched because that Kilburg's grocery store store. During one game, Feigner had easily beaten a team indigenous Oregon 33-0. After the game was over, numerous of the football player gathered at a tavern.

The manager walked past Feigner at the tavern and made a nasty comment about Feigner's pitching ability. Eddie Feigner yelled the he could beat any type of team the manager can put together with just a catcher. The manager tested Feigner to prove it. Feigner agreed, and also the only stipulation was the Feigner needed four players to bat in case the bases to be loaded. The players Feigner decided for his team were world he'd known due to the fact that fourth grade. The manager's team was a jail team make of convicts. Eddie Feigner to be still anxious come play.

First Game

The an initial game for the King and also His Court took ar behind the barbed wire and also high walls of a prison. Eddie Feigner pitched a perfect game. He struck out every batter he challenged with two exceptions: One failed when he tried come bunt the ball, and also the other hit a grounder come the very first basemen. The four players of the King and His Court quickly beat the nine-player jail team 7-0.


The news of a four-man team beating ripe players spread anywhere the state. Challenges to play neighborhood softball groups came from approximately the state of Washington. Throughout the adhering to four years, the King and His Court played end 200 games but traveled no further than Idaho.


Cross-Country Tour

In 1950, the team members, as well as Feigner, to be unemployed. The friends gained together and also decided it to be time to take it their video game on the road. They began their an initial cross-country tour. Prior to the tour, Eddie Feigner and the other team members mailed hundreds of letters to charity groups, business organizations, neighborhood governments, and also more. Any type of organization they thought would sponsor a soft ball game gained a letter indigenous them. All their initiatives only gained them a few replies. Lock were all from the state that Florida.

As the team ate and also slept in their station wagon, they uncovered something in El Paso, TX. This Amateur soft ball Association (ASA) had forbidden the members to play versus Eddie Feigner and his team. This didn't stop them. Eddie Feigner to be able to gain games when he showed regional softball promoters his abilities. This frequently happened top top the nearest street. Their popularity kept growing.


Major league Players

A celebrity charity softball game was held throughout February that 1967. Eddie Feigner was asked come participate. That would be able to pitch versus some the the greatest names in significant League Baseball. Throughout the game, Eddie Feigner regulated to strike out Maury Wills, Willie McCovey, Harmon Killebrew, Brooks Robinson, and Roberto Clemente. What amazed most fans that day was just how he had the ability to strike out every one of them in a row.

In 1981, there to be a win in significant League Baseball. Feigner was able to play one exhibition video game in prior of much more than 15,500 fans at the Silverdome located in Pontiac, Michigan. He and also his Court to be able to defeat a team with nine players. Numerous of lock were major league players. Eddie Feigner go this once he was 56 year old.

An Underrated Athlete

Sports Illustrated once dubbed Eddie Feigner one of the many underrated athletes of ours time. He was able to hit the ball as well as he can pitch it. Soft ball never had actually the complying with or respect of significant League Baseball. Feigner played in prior of millions of people and traveled numerous miles about the world. That was part of more than 56 international tours. Feigner play in end 5,000 games and struck out over 15,000 world when he to be blindfolded.


The finest Softball Pitcher

Many writers and also others in the sports people have considered Eddie Feigner to be the best softball pitcher the sports has ever known. He had the ability to throw pitches that just he had actually mastered. The threw one in-raise and also an in-drop pitches others couldn't figure out how to throw. Feigner could strike world out blindfolded and also when pitching from 2nd base. One time that was even was able come strike a human being out from facility field. His fastball pitch was clocked at end 104 mile an hour.


Eddie Feigner knew he would never receive the glamour or recognition of renowned star athletes. He couldn't it is in the showman and entertainer and athlete if he played expert sports. Feigner embraced that pitching exhibition softball was no a money-making endeavor. Feigner was satisfied to game the thousands of youngsters in the stands that concerned watch him. Hear a mrs or kid say they loved watching him pitch meant an ext to Feigner 보다 any huge league contract.

Baseball Reliquary Shrine the the Eternals

Eddie Feigner is a member that Shrine that the Eternals, i m sorry is part of the Baseball Reliquary. This is an organization devoted to promoting baseball as a method to appreciate American society and art. People inducted into the Shrine of the Eternals should have changed how the human being views the video game of baseball. Inductees have included Roberto Clemente, Jackie Robinson, Vin Scully, Satchel Paige, and others.

Eddie Feigner's Death

Eddie Feigner passed far on February 9, 2007, native complications linked with dementia. He was 81 years old. In ~ the time, he to be living in the Cogburn Health and Rehabilitation facility in Huntsville, Alabama. That is hidden in the Huntsville memory Gardens.

Eddie Feigner was a one-of-a-kind person who stood out among all those that played sports. That was more than a player; he to be a showman. Feigner arisen athletic an abilities and ability in methods nobody believed possible. He regularly told world it was a good feeling to understand he to be unique. Feigner knew he to be the only among his type in the history of the world.

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Readmikenow (author) on might 05, 2020:

HDFeigner, say thanks to you so lot for your kind comment. You are an extremely lucky come have had actually such a unique grandfather. I would have loved to have bee maybe to have actually a conversation with him.

HDFeigner on may 05, 2020:

Good afternoon, I want to say thanks to you because that such a nice article on the guy I knew as grandpa Eddie. I usage to clock him pat all the time not realizing what a an excellent player and performer he was. I just thought the was normal. So, give thanks to you for showing others what a an excellent athlet he was.

Readmikenow (author) ~ above July 11, 2019:

Marshall, thanks for sharing! I never ever saw him and his court, but I can imagine it was rather an experience.

Marshall Ransom top top July 11, 2019:

I observed the King and also his Court in Pittsfield, MA in the beforehand 1960's. Yup, he struck out the side, blindfolded from second base. And oh yeah, the Court that 4 winner the game!

Readmikenow (author) on might 12, 2019:

Reid Austin on might 11, 2019:

I was around 10 year old, and they inquiry me to be bat boy. I never ever forgot that day, and how Eddie pitched. I’m now 66 years old.

Readmikenow (author) top top June 20, 2018:

Jeff, thanks. I can only imagine he to be something to have watched.

Jeff Reed native Alabama ~ above June 20, 2018:

I experienced the King and also his Court in Jasper, Alabama in the beforehand 1960s.

Readmikenow (author) top top April 27, 2018:

Larry, thanks. I wonder if he want to it is in a MLB player if the would have actually done therefore well. In an interview, he said he liked having fun too lot to be an MLB player.

Larry Rankin native Oklahoma top top April 26, 2018:

Very amazing article.

I'd heard that this guy before, yet you absolutely gave me a great deal an ext insight into it.

Mary Norton from Ontario, Canada on April 25, 2018:

What a beautiful story the a male who operated hard come perfect his game. We require heroes now specifically in the sporting activities world.

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