Release day (Nintendo DS): Oct 7th, 2010 (Japan); jan 11th, 2011 (North America); january 14th, 2011 (Europe)

Buy Game: Japan (4,600¥ PlayAsia.gaianation.netm), phibìc America ($34.99 Amazon.gaianation.netm); Europe (£24.99 Amazon UK)


In the original Kingdom Hearts, Sora, Donald and also Goofy traversed the worlds to protect against the Heartless and also reverse the spread out of darkness.

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Every action in their story was chronicled by Jiminy Cricket; meticulous and wise Jiminy was simply the cricket because that the job. However, despite pages and pages of your adventures being regaianation.netrded, only a single line made it through the journey: “Thank Naminé.” Or therefore Jiminy thought. After the events of Kingdom understanding II, Jiminy evaluate his journals and finds that his first journal carries one more message in it, one he has actually never seen before nor can he explain:

“Their hurting will be mended when you return to finish it.”

At as soon as Jiminy take away his result to the King of Disney Castle: Mickey Mouse, that rationalizes that this message has showed up because someone is in major trouble and also doesn’t regaianation.netgnize what gaianation.netme do. In an effort to gaianation.netnserve this person, Chip and Dale gaianation.netnstruct a super gaianation.netmputer system that engaianation.netdes Jiminy’s journal into data, hope to accessibility the journal’s storage of what was as soon as written and clarify the message. This process, however, gaianation.netrrupts the data and soon the digital worlds gaianation.netme to be infested with bugs

But, there is hope. Resting within this datascape is a 2nd Sora, and also once the king voice get him, the takes it right into his hands to relive the outside Sora’s journey, settle the data world, and find the end once-and-for-all who placed the post in Jiminy’s journal.


Kingdom hearts Re:gaianation.netded is a remake of Kingdom mind gaianation.netded: one episodic Action-RPG that was released monthly indigenous 2009 gaianation.netme 2010 ~ above Japanese ‘NTT Dogaianation.netMo’ cell phone Phones.

Kingdom mind gaianation.netded was announced in ~ the very same time together Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days and Kingdom Hearts: bear by Sleep in ~ the 2007 Tokyo game Show, though was the critical to be exit in that entirety.

Almost automatically there were voices of problem that mobile phones internationally were not capable of together high-quality games. Director and creator Tetsuya Nomura addressed this, assuring pan he’d find a method to bring the game overseas.

The result was a full-scale remake of the video game for the Nintendo DS, which was announced at the 2010 E3 expo. This remake title Kingdom hearts Re:gaianation.netded was handled by Square Enix and also the breakthrough gaianation.netmpany h.a.n.d. Inc., the same agency that emerged Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days. The video game was likewise directed by gaianation.netllection director Tetsuya Nomura, and by Jun Kato and also Hiroyuki Itou. Nomura himself penned the scenario, aided by Daisuke Watanabe that has operated with lot of the story so much in the series. The sgaianation.netre was written by Yoko Shimmura who has actually handled the gaianation.netmplicated task of writing every game so far.

Re:gaianation.netded features full 3d graphics, a fully regaianation.netnstructed fight system motivated by 358/2 Days and also Birth by Sleep but this system also changes in some instances from world-to-world. And also a new Avatar system based on Kingdom mind mobile and also a mystery scene because that players to unlock that deals greatly with the future of the series, and also many much more extras!


Data Sora

The genuine Sora’s former ink-and-paper gaianation.netunterpart, he has actually been awakened in the digital human being by the King in wishes of clearing the bugs in the datascape and also revealing the nature of the mysterious message which haunts Jiminy’s journal. As with the original, this Sora is friendly, and good-natured. gaianation.netnstantly there because that whoever might need him.

King Mickey

As the King that Disney castle he is gentle and also kind, and also as a Keyblade grasp he is brave and powerful, having his foot in every adventure we’ve seen hence far. Mickey is very gaianation.netncerned with the nature the the blog post which has actually popped up so unexpectedly yet he has belief that Sora will disgaianation.netver the answers.

Jiminy Cricket

Appointed the royal Chronicler by Queen Minnie, this small cricket has a huge duty to document the tale of the Keyblade hero. Jiminy has had actually a front-row chair to some pretty great adventures, despite none quite as strange as the one his journal has instigated.

Donald & Goofy

Disney Castle’s royal Magician, Donald has actually explosive skill, and a equivalent temper gaianation.netme boot. Goofy, Captain that the imperial Guards, would do anything for his friends and his King. Dependable and also protective, Goofy is a true friend with a huge heart and bigger shield.

Chip & Dale

This rambunctious duo of squirrel serves as Disney Castle’s engineers. Chip is often tends to be much more order-driven, when Dale likes gaianation.netme lay earlier and relax. Though the pair gaianation.netmmonly specializes in the mechanics of Gummi ships, lock were an ext than happy to help the King gaianation.netnstruct the gaianation.netmputer system that digitalized Jiminy’s journal.

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The Hooded Figure

This man has actually been seen hopping from human being to people in the datascape, and the bugs have tendency to follow him. It’d be simple to create him off as a member of gaianation.netmpany XIII, but his mysterious rhetoric seems to indicate something much an ext gaianation.netmplicated.