Red, orange, bleaching blond, black, buzz cut, long layers, pixie — Kristen Stewart has tried that all once it pertains to her hair. Unlike some celebrities that have one signature look, Stewart prefers to keep switch things up often. Not only does she leave united state on ours toes simply waiting to see what new look she"ll debut next, but it frequently has united state wondering to ourselves: what is her natural hair color?

Maybe it"s because she had dark brown hair in her breakout duty as Bella Swan in The Twilight Saga or since Stewart has tendency to return to that the shade in-between trying out with new styles, but many people assume that it"s her actual hair color. (She walk look an excellent as a brunette.) but in reality, she actually has actually dirty blond hair hair.

Occasionally, Stewart will go earlier to she blond roots yet it"s usually sprinkled through darker highlights for some contrast. She undeniably likes to make a statement and stand out once it concerns her beauty, beauty look.

See a snapshot of Stewart"s organic blond hair color, below.

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