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When ns was at the Philmont Training facility a few weeks ago, one of our instructors told us that the Outdoor values Awareness Award and the outdoor Ethics activity Award had actually been retired.

This wasn"t a secret, but I didn"t desire to share v you till I had some documentation. The news has actually now been shared on the Scouting program Updates page.

Here is the statement about the retirement of these awards.

Outdoor values Awareness and activity Awards because that Cub Scouts and Leaders have actually Been Retired

The June 2015 beginning of the new Cub Scouting regimen fundamentally readjusted Cub Scout advancement requirements. The knowledge, skills, and attributes got through the Cub scout Outdoor ethics Awareness and activity Awards have been integrated into, and made one integral part of, the new Cub reconnaissance adventures.

To prevent redundancy, the Cub scout Outdoor values Awareness and activity Awards have been retired and will no longer be easily accessible for Cub Scouts and also Cub Scout leaders to earn. The adult content will certainly be included into the revisions being made come BALOO training and also will be exit soon.

We discussed the rationale for discontinuing this award, and also the bottom heat is the the boys are doing these points in your required adventures, so they would certainly basically it is in earning secondary award for completing an adventure. Here are two examples:

The Outdoor values Awareness award requirements consisted of knowing Scouting"s outdoor Code and also learning about the leaving No Trace values for Kids. Many tigers in the Wild, call of the Wild and also Paws on the course (for Wolves), Webelos Walkabout, and Camper (for arrowhead of Light) all incorporate the exact same requirements.

These very same adventures need that the boys follow the leaving No Trace values for Kids, i m sorry is likewise a requirement for the outdoor Ethics activity Award.

The awards are still easily accessible for young Scouts and the Scouters who work-related with them.

One thing to remember…even though the boys won"t knife an award, we every should proceed adhering to the outdoor Code and also the leaving No trace principles.

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Yours in Scouting,Sherry

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