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A 17-year-old is almost, but not quite, one adult, and because that this, many human being have a murky expertise of 17-year-olds’ rights. Details rights are granted as soon as an individual reaches the period of bulk regardless of wherein he lives in the joined States, favor the appropriate to vote. Various other rights, such as the right to obtain an abortion there is no parental consent, differ from state to state.

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Just favor adults, teens across the U.S. Have particular rights when interacting with regulation enforcement, including:

The appropriate to remain silent when questioned by law enforcement. The ideal to refuse to consent come a auto search or a search of an individual electronic devices without valid find warrants. The best to have actually a lawyer current during police questioning.

Seventeen-year-olds have these same civil liberties in similar scenarios, favor the best to refuse come answer a teacher or college administrator’s questions concerning an occurrence that developed at school.

In southern Carolina, a 17-year-old may consent to, or refuse, medical procedures. These include medication, surgery, diagnostic procedures and also various species of therapy. The 17-year-old’s parent might not override the teen’s decisions regarding her own clinical care. This rights expand to the end of life: A 17-year-old might write a legitimate binding breakthrough medical directive about resuscitation or donation of body parts.

Seventeen-year-olds’ medical rights largely extend to your reproductive legal rights in southern Carolina. In south Carolina, a teenager may obtain birth control without parental consent, and 17-year-olds in the state may attain abortions without parental consent, despite younger teens do require parental consent because that this procedure.

Similarly, a 17-year-old parent might make clinical decisions for she child, nevertheless of her own parents’ wishes. This best extends come a teenage parent’s ideal to location her son for adoption, to object to place her boy for adoption, come custodial time with her child and to pursuing son support native the child’s father. A 17-year-old also has the best to consent or refuse to be embraced by one adult, as might be the case if the teen’s parent remarries.

Seventeen-year-olds in southern Carolina can petition the court because that emancipation. Emancipation is the legal procedure of granting a teens some of the civil liberties and agency that usually come with reaching the period of majority, including:

The ideal to get in legally binding papers like leases and work contracts. The ideal to enlist in the army without parental consent. The appropriate to marry there is no parental consent.

Emancipation go not give all the legal rights that typically come through adulthood, though. When a 17-year-old is legally emancipated, that still walk not deserve to vote till he transforms 18.

To end up being emancipated, the petitioner must provide the court with enough evidence to show that that is qualified of living separately of his parents. This way showing the he has a location to live and a method to support himself financially. He may additionally have to demonstrate that emancipation is in his best interest, which might be because of abuse in his parents’ house or the require to defend his financial assets.

Seventeen-year-olds in south Carolina, simply like adolescents in every state, have the very same workplace rights that adults have. These legal rights include:

The ideal to a discrimination-free and harassment-free workplace. The right to inquiry reasonable accommodations. The ideal to join a labor union.

Although teenage workers have actually the exact same legal legal rights as adult workers, they space subject to specific restrictions not applied on adults. In southern Carolina, teenagers as young as 14 may come to be legally employed, and also unlike teens in other states, they perform not require minor employment certificate to legit work.

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Lindsay Kramer is a freelance writer and also editor who has been working in the legal niche due to the fact that 2012. Her primary focus areas within this niche are family law and an individual injury law. Lindsay works carefully with a couple of legal marketing agencies, giving blog posts, website content and marketing materials to legislation firms across the unified States.


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