Save time and also stay in the flow by making use of these rapid shortcuts for including legal symbols into your documents.

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How come quickly include legal icons in Word

As a lawyer, you probably frequently use legal symbols as soon as drafting legal documents. Yet stopping to search and insert a legitimate symbol through your mouse deserve to be disruptive as soon as you’re ideal in the center of drafting a document. Walk you know you can stay in the flow with the help of key-board shortcuts (hotkeys)?

We’ve placed together a rapid guide that you deserve to refer to for every the typical legal vital shortcuts.

If you're not a pan of memorizing several Windows or Mac shortcuts, you deserve to also set up your own or hack Word's Autocorrect feature, to help you input signs in simply a couple of steps. Make sure to check out on listed below or clock the 'how-to' video.

The traditional legal price shortcuts

How come customize your own shortcuts

You can easily customize your very own shortcuts in Word. Pick the legal symbols that friend use most frequently and follow these procedures to set up your own shortcuts or clock our video clip to see just how it's done.

Find 'Insert Ω Symbol' in the Insert tabClick ~ above 'Ω more Symbols'Locate the legitimate symbol you desire to create the shortcut forPress the 'Shortcut' keyType your faster way in the ‘Press brand-new Shortcut Key’ boxClick 'Assign'Click 'Close'

Use autocorrect to add the legit symbol because that you

Instead of assigning shortcut tricks for each legal symbol, girlfriend can additionally hack autocorrect to insert her legal icons for you by assigning a fast phrase to every symbol. In our video clip example, we will certainly assign the word 'sects' to autocorrect come the ar symbol.

Follow these actions to develop your very own autocorrect shortcuts:

Find 'Insert Ω Symbol' in the Insert tabClick ~ above 'Ω more Symbols'Locate the legit symbol you want to produce the shortcut forPress the 'AutoCorrect' keyIn the replace box enter in the letter to assign to your legal symbolClick 'Add'Click 'OK'

Now kind your legitimate symbol letters, fight the spacebar and also AutoCorrect will add the symbol right into your word document.

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If did you do it tried all of these tips however you’re quiet not convinced then us can additionally recommend the LegalBoard, a keyboard specifically designed because that lawyers.