There’s nothing much more majestic 보다 a dogwood in spring, decked out v fabulous flowers! To some people, though, dogwoods host a deeper meaning. The legend of the dogwood tree is one age-old story that tells the story that this magnificent tree and also how it end up being the tree we know and also love today.

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Our story begins virtually two thousands years ago in Israel. If girlfriend ventured right into the forests of Israel at the time, friend would have actually seen many of sturdy oaks, lofty cedars, walnut trees, and more—all that which space fine and noble trees, loved and used by carpenters.

However, one tree to be prized above all others: the mighty dogwood. Back then, the dogwood short its unique fruits and flowers, but it was still impressive, climbing taller than any type of oak or cedar. Its timber was strong, hard, fine-grained, and easy to work-related with. It had no equal, and also it was constantly in demand.


During this time, a an easy carpenter was declared King of the Jews and also was sentenced come death. The method of execution? Crucifixion. And also the tree provided to fashion the iconic wood cross? A dogwood.

According to the legend, the dogwood felt good sorrow for the function it played in Jesus Christ’s death. If on the cross, Jesus sensed the tree’s anguish, and also he made decision to transform it so the it can never again be supplied in crucifixion. From that suggest on, the dogwood was no much longer a tall, stately woodland tree. Rather, it ended up being a small and shrub-like tree with thin and also twisted limbs.

Jesus to be taken under from the cross and placed in a tomb. 3 days later, he rose from the dead. At the very same time, the dogwoods in the woodland burst right into bloom, and also they continue to do so right around Easter in what is believed to it is in a celebration event of Jesus’ resurrection.

While the dogwood tree never ever again took part in one execution, the still stated to bring the point out of Jesus’ crucifixion. That four huge petals represent the cross he died upon, and also each petal screens four red-tinged notches that are stated to represent four nail holes. And also in the center of every flower is a eco-friendly cluster that is symbolic the Jesus’ crown that thorns.

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Alas, the legend of the dogwood most likely originated in the United states in the 20th century. While we know Dogwoods are not aboriginal to the center East, nor would they have been found cultivation there in Jesus’ time, this story is one come think around and ponder! Nevertheless, the legend persists, and many christians revere the lovely dogwood together it proceeds to remind them that Jesus’ love and sacrifice.