Lil Wayne"s life isn"t constantly easy. The Grammy-winning artist has actually dealt with much more than one health scare, faced a sue for an alleged hate crime, and even done time in prison. But when he"s not captured up in health or legit issues, the "Lollipop" rapper is free to reap the perks of his fame and fortune. That apparently has spending a jaw-dropping amount of money ~ above diamond teeth. If he"s definitely not the just celebrity that likes come drop cash on headline-grabbing purchase — even Kanye safety his money top top dumb points — you may be shocked to discover out how much Lil Wayne"s big grin is worth.

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According come Slate, Lil Wayne claims his gold and also diamond teeth expense him $150,000. When that substantial figure is nothing to weeze at, he"s not the only superstar who takes flossing very seriously. Other rapper Quavo supposedly dropped $250,000 grills (or grillz) and also doesn"t come close come Katy Perry"s record-setting million disagreement set. What to adjust Lil Wayne"s sparkling smile apart?

"The grills, they come out," Lil Wayne said talk present host Jimmy Kimmel. "These don"t, I"ma die through these. So these space my teeth. I deserve to go come the dentist and also switch castle out, however it"s surgery."

Lil Wayne"s diamond teeth may seem choose a wild extravagance come some, however it"s one the he can conveniently afford.

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Lil Wayne"s dazzling dental hygiene would certainly bankrupt most of us, but it"s par for the course because that the "A Milli" superstar. According to Celebrity net Worth, he has actually an estimated $120 million. Earning all over from $12 million come $27 million each year in between 2007 and also 2018, the "Sucker for Pain" rapper has reportedly carried in some $208 million in just an ext than a decade. And also he"s putting that luck to an excellent use.

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Wealthy network Worth reports the after taxes, "Lil Wayne has spent roughly 20% that his network worth ~ above mega purchases like cars, art, and houses." That includes a 10,632-square-foot home near Miami Beach the he picked up for $17 million. Boasting seven bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, 2 kitchens, and also plenty the luxurious additions, it"s absolutely worthy that a musical superstar. And also let"s discuss Lil Wayne"s ice. Complex reputed his $50,000 YM chain, made by Emit, one of the 50 greatest chains in hip-hop. The rapper also reportedly gifted his protege, Drake, an Eliantte-crafted item with a $250,000 price tag.

All the expendable revenue must offer Lil Wayne a whole heck that a lot to smile about.