2.6 heat symmetry

Look at the forms below. The symmetry of the shape on the left and its partnership to the shape on the right have the right to be assumed of in two ways:

Fold the left-hand form along the central line. Then one next lies precisely on top of the other, and also gives the shape on the right.

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Imagine a mirror placed along the central dotted line. The have fun in the mirror provides the other half of the shape.



The dashed lines represent lines the symmetry, and each shape is said to be symmetrical around this line.

The adhering to all have line symmetry:


A shape can have more than one line of symmetry. For this reason a rectangle has two lines of symmetry, an it is intended triangle has actually three currently of symmetry, and also a square has actually four.


A circle has an infinite variety of lines the symmetry because it can be folded around any diameter. Only eight that the feasible lines of the opposite are suggested below.


Some shapes, such together a scalene triangle, have actually no lines of the opposite – the is not possible to fold the shape around a line so that the two halves fit specifically on optimal of one another.

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