This is an immortal song-one the those song you can listen come in an additional century, and also still feeling the song to the main point of your soul. A passionate, raw emotionally track with a twist of rock music. “Lips of one Angel” to be released in 2006 and also is still taken into consideration one that the ideal romance ballads ever before written. Credits to Austin Winkler, Cody Hanson, Brian Howes and also Rey Casiano for text of the song. Although categorized as a tough rock song, “Lips of one Angel” is more of a absent infused ballad, narrating a ache story, that can be regarded any duration of time.Listen to “Lips of one Angel” through Hinder

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Without an ext chit chat, let’s jump right into some lyrics analysis of the song. The meaning behind “Lips of an Angel” is one of the factors it is for this reason popular and loved through generations.Song Meaning, Lyrics analysis and evaluation of “Lips of one Angel” by HinderThe very first verse sets increase the background to the song. Man sitting at a table v a phone come his ear and also his girl (not girlfriend) is watched on the bed in the back-setting. And he speak on the phone;Honey, why are you call me therefore late?It’s kinda tough to talk right nowHoney, why are you crying, is every little thing okay?I gotta to whisper ’cause i can’t be too loud Notice that the man addresses the caller together ‘honey’, i m sorry is probably the sweetest thing a guy might say to a girl. And also it’s so late in the night. His ‘girl’ is seen in almost-underwear more than likely preparing for bed. The male says that is an overwhelming to talk ideal now due to the fact that his girl is in the room. Climate he hears the girl sob in the line. And also he ignores his above statement and also settles come whispering. The really wants to talk to the caller.Well, my girl’s in the following roomSometimes i wish she was youI guess: v we never ever really relocated on He needs to settle come whispering due to the fact that his girl is in the adjoining room. She deserve to see him-probably hear that too. It’s amazing that the calls she ‘girl’ and also not ‘girlfriend’ or any kind of other affectionate words. The tells exactly how he feels around her. He also wishes it was you-the caller. For this reason we can confirm the the guy is talk to his ex. Your breakup was more than likely unexpected or unforeseen. Plainly they did not loss out-she is calling that in the middle of the night crying-and he picks up the phone and also keeps on talk to her regardless of his girl gift in the room. They have actually not moved on from your breakup.
It’s really an excellent to hear your voice saying my nameIt sounds so sweetComing from the lips of one angelHearing those native – it renders me weak It’s been rather a while since they have broken up or talked to every other. He loves it. She calls that by his name and also his knees offer up. Yes no an ext pleasure in the world for him right currently than come speak through her. The calls her an angel–words coming the end of the lips of an angel. He important is fascinating by her.And I never wanna to speak goodbyeBut, girl, you make it hard to it is in faithfulWith the lips of an angel He doesn’t want to hang up the phone right now. He doesn’t desire any more goodbyes, with his ex. He want to relocate on, he wants to it is in faithful to his present girl. But the angels’ voice calling the end his name is too lot for him come handle. That brings back memories-memories of every the sweetest time they had together. That probably have actually forgotten why they separated-or what made them separate.It’s funny the you’re calling me tonightAnd, yes, i’ve dreamt of girlfriend tooAnd walk he understand you’re talking to me?Will it start a fight?No, ns don’t think she has actually a clue “Lips of one Angel” gets an ext interesting now. Both that them have actually been dreaming about each other. Maybe, simply last night that dreamt that her–hence the funniness in the night she choose to speak to him.The following line very beautifully says just how she has a new guy in his life too. So both the them have moved on, but not really relocated on at the same time. She has a new guy in his life and he has a brand-new girl in his life. He asks if that knows about this call. She probably answers ‘yes’, justification by the next line in the song-‘will it start a fight’. Ns think they are currently in a fight, i m sorry is the factors for her calling him in ~ this hour and also the reason for she crying. For this reason most likely she doesn’t treatment if it leads to more fights. She sounds fed up. And she asks the same thing native the guy. And he responds that his girls doesn’t have actually a clue who he is talk to. This probably clues at just how ignorant or careless his girl is.The chorus repeats twice before “Lips of one Angel” pertains to an end. The tune ends in a solemn sentence;Honey, why room you calling me therefore late? He is pushing why she is calling the in the middle of the night. That really demands an answer. And the answer he is looking for is the she misses him, and also possibly want to get earlier together.So end a beautiful worded rock-romance-ballad come be enjoyed for years to come-maybe even more.I hope i did a decent analysis of the lyrics and a evaluation of the all at once track. If i missed other make sure to suggest them the end in the comments below. Additionally take a second to re-superstructure this article with your friends if you appreciated it. And also do allow us recognize what friend think about this immortal track.

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