Twenty-eight games, a little much more than fourseasons — and also two nationwide championships.

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It"s to be a long time due to the fact that Clemson last shed at home: 43-42 come Pitt on Nov. 12, 2016. The tigers haven"t shed at home since, often winning by vast margins. In 2019, Clemson won its seven home gamings by 38, 14, 42, 31, 52, 45 and also 49 points. In 2020, the Tigers continued to success big: 49, 18, 25, 26, 6 and35. Only Boston university pushed, falling just 34-28.

But the many tigers aren"t that much out front from every other team. Here"s a look at the longest energetic home to win streaks going right into the 2021college football season:

1. Clemson — 28games

Last loss: 43-42 come Pitt ~ above Nov. 12, 2016

As shocking together this loss was, the didn"t ruin Clemson"s title hopes. The many tigers wouldn"t shed again in win the nationwide title that season. Clemson additionally picked up one more crown in 2018 and played because that the title againin 2019. Due to the fact that falling come Pitt, the Tigers have actually rarely been endangered at home. Clemson rallied come beat Syracuse by 4 in 2018 and also then hosted on versus Boston college by 6 in 2020.

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2. Notre Dame — 24games

Last loss: 20-19 come Georgia on Sept. 9, 2017

Aftera 4-8 battle in 2016, Brian Kelly and Notre Dame have mostly been piling up wins. The ireland beat holy place in the 2017 home (and season) opener prior to losing to Georgia in their 2nd game. But Notre Dame has since won 24in a row in southern Bend, Indiana. Those wins have meant the Irish have put together 10-, 12-, 11- and 10-win seasons in a row, consisting of College soccer Playoff appearances in 2018 and also 2020.

3. Ohio State — 23games

Last loss: 31-16 to Oklahoma on Sept. 9, 2017

Ohio State"s last defeat came because of Baker Mayfield at an early stage in the 2017 season. OSU has frequently won in routs because then, helping the Buckeyes win four consecutive large Ten Championships. This previous season, Ohio State win then-No. 9 Indiana by 7 but additionally won impressively versus Nebraska (52-17) andRutgers (49-27).

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4. Cincinnati — 21games

Last loss: 35-24 to holy place on Nov. 10, 2017

The Bearcats and Luke Fickell have actually gone a combined 31-6 the last three seasons, consisting of an undefeated continuous season and a Peach bowl appearance in 2020. Critical season, Cincinnati topped then-No. 23 Tulsa at house to success the AAC crown.

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5. Memphis — 16games

Last loss: 31-30 to No. 10 UCF on Oct. 13, 2018

Only a 1-point loss to an eventual 12-1 UCF team retained Memphis indigenous holding an also longer streak. Due to the fact that losing to UCF, the tigers went 12-2 in 2019, reaching the noodle Bowl. Memphis walk 6-0 at house in 2020, help it walk 8-3 overall.

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