The nation's longest winning streak in high school football concerned an finish on Friday night once Lake City beat Caledonia 30-13.

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Caledonia's loss was its very first since Nov. 15, 2014, when the warriors were beat by bold in the course AA State Semifinals. Since then, the warriors rattled turn off 71 straight wins, which to be the ninth-longest to win streak in United claims history.

One the the key figures in the streak was Eli King, that is a two-sport standout because that the Warriors. King is 81st nationally on 247Sports' 2022 basketball recruitment rankings and received scholarship provides to pat quarterback from numerous schools consisting of Notre Dame, Iowa and also Minnesota.

King committed to beat basketball for Iowa State this spring yet decided come focus solely on the court this season, leaving the Warriors v a brand-new quarterback.

The tigers took benefit as your defense picked off Caledonia quarterback Lewis Doyle twice. With Lake City quarterback Justin Wohlers throwing for 164 yards and running because that 101, the Tigers were able to usage a goal heat stand and also a 57-yard touchdown run from Kris Ryan in the 4th quarter to end the streak.

"That streak is humbling, yet it reflects what our neighborhood has done," Caledonia head coach Carl Fruechte said the Rochester post Bulletin. "It shows what all of our coaches, every one of our players and every one of parents have done."

Caledonia is the five-time reigning class AA state champion in Minnesota. 



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