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Matthew Robbins
19 July 1985
96 minutes
2.89 / 5.0 0.5 native 87 ratings
#207 because that 1985

Comrade_Yui might 12 2018 4.50 stars
a kaleidoscopic rumination top top 80s excess, alienated children and also ubermensch-crafting sojourns fair is fair!
JasonHernandez Feb 06 2018 4.00 stars
The 80s to be the height for kiddie adventure movies and also this small sleeper that movie critics dismissed and also that audience ignored could be the definitive one. It's got everything. Let's break it down:1) The youngsters are on the run from the law. The cops are after 'em. It's all over the media. We're talkin' actual rebels here.2) castle get famed from it.Everybody's talkin' about 'em. They're the facility of attention. 3) They're loved for it.Helen Slater's teenage fugitive becomes together a sensation that she inspires format trends and catchphrases. She's a celebrity through accident and also who doesn't know exactly how to deal with it. 4) The adult don't obtain it.The adults simply buy every little thing that lock hear in the media around how Helen Slater and company are attention criminals, when the kids use a little vital thinking and understand the there's an ext to the story. 5) The kids are pretty.It can be scientifically difficult for a heterosexual young man to see this movie and also not crush the end over the 19-year-old peaches-and-cream Helen Slater. 6) The kids are RIGHT.Helen Slater and Christian Slater (no relation in real life, though they're siblings in the movie) are NOT youth delinquents. They're minding your own business when some lot bigger bullies display up and also hassle them. A 15-year-old pipsqueak Christian Slater throw a milkshake into the leader's face. Then the creeps steal his motor scooter. And also these are poor trailer park kids. That motor scooter means A LOT. As soon as they get it back, the looks favor it's been offered as a pinata in at least 5 birthday parties. That needs about $600 in 1985 money to repair. So, Helen and also Christian go to collect it native the bully's father's junk shop. And also the old male is willing to pay, but only after he it s okay a taste that Helen's forbidden fruit. Following thing friend know, the father gets shot and it look at real bad for our trailer park kids, for this reason they take off and struggle to survive while they come to be outlaw legends. Help them along is a entirety underground network that supportive teenagers who cheer castle on, offer them rides and help them hide out. In the people of this film, to run from the legislation is the best thing that can ever take place to a kid. That's just how you find good friends. That's just how you uncover love. That's just how you uncover yourself.Also, full-throated hitmaker play Benatar has actually your theme tune all ready. It's entertaining ingredient that also makes clever usage of a Joan of Arc metaphor in the middle of the neon, pastels, young flesh and also synthesizer score. Everyone's good bad Texas accents (this is set in sweaty corpus Christi, Texas, but stars a cast of non-Texans) only makes it an ext fun.

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idlewoodarian Jun 25 2017 3.00 stars
One that the many '80s movies ever
And together such, need to be better-known.Okay, it's a small ridiculous and not really well acted, however dammit, it's a fun ride. You obtained your chase gyeongju at the shopping center (complete v walkie talkies and marbles to disperse the pursuers), your Billy Idol and Pat Benatar in her soundtrack (Pat's theme track being hammered in at the very least three times), her small part by Dean Stockwell, your synth-based score...
Goregirl january 22 2010 3.50 stars
fair is fair! okay well that's the entire point of this one seriously. It's acquired a at sight stupid premise however it's still okay to watch. Billie Jean is the key character here, a nice girl harassed by some neighborhood boys and also getting fed up. Once they destroy her Brother's scooter for no evident reason she tries to get the money from the thug's Dad with no avail. In fact, that tries something v her therefore she gets much more angry. Then she runs off, cuts off her hair and starts a war against bullies and also finds a totality bunch of assistance from others who are likewise fed up. It's specifically as one could think, no extra touch or anything of that nature. I think the ideal thing that came of this film was Pat Benatar's song "Invincible".

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fervent36 Dec 24 2010 2.50 stars
What follows is a true story of miscellaneous that occurred to me when I to be a teenager:I to be at the mall, i m sorry is wherein all the male teens went during the 1980s to play video clip games or talk to friends and also check the end girls, but on my method in i was accosted by one adult female delivering a clipboard that asked me if she can pose a couple of questions. Ns was emotion cordial so i agreed. After a couple of questions like how old to be I, etcetera, she climate asked if us could proceed with more questions for a an ext expansive survey of my tastes in movies and music. Ns remember thinking, "This will most likely only take it a couple of minutes and then I'll be outta here, so why not?" ns agreed again and also was quickly ushered right into a service area with hefty glass doors and also hard, thinly carpeted floors. I was led right into a back room and left over there for five minutes all alone prior to the same woman came ago and held up a movie poster for "The Legend of billie Jean" and then asked me a very basic question: "Would you pay to view this movie?" after glancing in ~ the picture (the exact same one as above here at RYM) I responded with a quick "No." "Why not?", she asked pointedly. I then behavior to define that the image of a young woman, yet attractive, top top a movie poster already suggests the the movie is not for teenager boys ("Duh, lady!") and also that the title itself was long and clunky and "Who's ever before heard of billie Jean, anyway? i mean, various other than the hit tune from Michael Jackson?" The remainder of the questioning is an ext or less a blur, yet after I obtained out of there (45 minutes later!) I have thereafter had actually a phobia of those lingering females in the mall. Thankfully, they aren't over there anymore, or there are fewer of lock lurking in the shadows waiting to pounce ~ above unsuspecting teens or whatever demographic they room covering that week. As for the movie I ultimately did catch it ~ above HBO or Showtime and it to be pretty lame, indeed. Helen Slater's huge blue eye couldn't persuade even this randy teenager that the movie was good in any type of way. However, once the credits started to role the pat Benatar track "Invincible" functioned as a reassuring salve for all that came before.
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