Bono composed this song around his wife Alison who he has been wedded to for currently 32 years.It was originally released in 1987 together a B-side ~ above the “Where the Streets have actually No… check out More 

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You speak you wantDiamonds ~ above a ring the goldYou speak you wantYour story to continue to be untoldBut all the promises we makeFrom the cradle to the graveWhen all I want is youYou speak you'll give meA highway with no-one top top itTreasure, just to look at upon itAll the wide range in the nightYou speak you'll provide meEyes in the moon that blindnessA river in a time that drynessA harbour in the tempestBut all the assures we makeFrom the cradle come the graveWhen all I want is you
You say you wantYour love to work-related out rightTo last with me through the nightYou say you wantDiamonds on a ring the goldYour story to continue to be untoldYour love not to grow coldAll the promises we breakFrom the cradle to the graveWhen all I desire is youYou, all I want isYou, every I desire isYou, every I want isYou
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Bono composed this song about his mam Alison who he has been wedded to for currently 32 years.


Rattle and Hum (1988)
All I want Is You
Written By
Larry Mullen Jr, Adam Clayton, The edge (Guitarist) & Bono
Recording Engineer
David Tickle
String Arranger
Van Dyke Parks
Mixing Engineer
David Tickle
Assistant recording Engineer
Rob Jacobs
Mastering Engineer
Arnie Acosta
Larry Mullen Jr
Adam Clayton
Electric Guitar
The edge (Guitarist)
Acoustic Guitar
The leaf (Guitarist)
Benmont Tench
Release Date
October 10, 1988
Cover By
All I desire Is friend by Glen Campbell, every I want Is girlfriend by Brian McFadden (Ft. Ronan Keating), every I want Is friend by Bellefire & all I want is you by Victoria Vox

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